Thandi Brewer death: How Thandi Brewer death happened

Thandi Brewer death happened June 12, 2019: Thandi Brewer cause of death is cancer.

Thandi Brewer death bna

The beloved screenwriter, film producer, director and script editor, often called the “Shonda Rhimes of South Africa” died after losing her third battle against cancer.

In 2018 on Facebook Thandi wrote about the cancer:

“I am in the midst of the third round with cancer.”

The breast cancer metamorphosed into bone cancer attacking the back. Remember the back pain I used to moan about? That wasn’t just ‘writers back’. It was cancer, which obviously loves me and wants to live with me on a permanent basis.

I’ve no idea how those actresses manage to look palely interesting when playing someone with cancer because I look like hell.”

Thandi Brewer death:

Thandi died at home on her beloved Smoke, with her daughter by her side, her river and her dogs – all she wanted.

Thandi Brewer received a tribute from the South African Guild of Actors who said in a statement:

It is with the most profound sadness that SAGA notes the passing of #ThandiBrewer. Performer, writer, producer, visionary and activist, she dedicated her life to the world of storytelling.

Her intellect and humanity remains a gift to us all.

@SAGActors @WGSANews @Iproducersorg

Harriet Meier, chairperson of the WGSA said about Thandi’s passing:

“[Thandi Brewer] passed away this morning at around 02:15 after a long battle with cancer. She was in tremendous pain over the last year, but fought and was our pillar of strength until the end”.

“Thandi touched so many lives during her time with us, not only as an extremely talented writer, producer, director, teacher and mentor, but also as a friend. Her love embraced all who met her, and she will be greatly missed by many, many people.”

“While we desperately miss her, we will also celebrate her life and legacy by continuing her work and her vision. Thandi leaves behind her daughter Cody and an extended family of wordsmiths throughout the world.”

May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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  1. Our Great Aunt Helen Moyes née Fraser spoke fondly of Fiona Fraser her niece and daughter Thandi. Sadly I never met Thandi my second Cousin. Resenly we lost another cousin Shonach née Fraser.

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