The Test I Put My Wife Through Before Marriage – Actor Saka

During the week, comedian, Afeez Oyetoro, took to his social media page to dole on his wife as they celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.The Nollywood actor further used the moment to highlight the reasons why he wished he got married earlier than he did 16 years ago. In the Instagram post he made to celebrate his 16th anniversary, the comic actor described his years of marriage as filled with love and understanding.He stressed that while he was dating his wife, he had to give her a test to find out how she would react to the lifestyle of an entertainer.“Communication is also very important to avoid unnecessary misinterpretation. I also advise that there should be a little time set aside for courtship before marriage. For instance, my profession has made me unstable in terms of staying at home. When we were dating, I used to visit her and after about two or three minutes, I would tell her I had a rehearsal. I was doing that to know if she would complain or react negatively to my action. It was as though I was testing her to see her reaction.