‘There are over 30,000 Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria’ – UNHCR

 'There are over 30,000 Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria' - UNHCR
UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that the number of Cameroonians fleeing violence and seeking refuge in Nigeria has crossed the 30,000-mark. Babar Baloch, a spokesperson for UNHCR, said that the needs on the ground to cater for the refugees in Nigeria were outpacing donor efforts. Baloch said reports indicated that scores of people had been killed in English-speaking areas of Cameroon and thousands forced from their homes, including many who have sought refuge in Nigeria.   He said the situation was particularly worrying for women and children accounting for close to 80 per cent of arrivals and most refugees are sheltering in Nigeria’s south eastern areas, hosted by local communities.   The UNHCR boss said the refugee agency was facilitating voluntary relocation of refugees to settlements in Cross River and Benue provinces, which provide better security, shelter and access to essential services. “Currently, more than 9,000 Cameroonian refugees have been moved to new settlements, where they receive food as well as essential items such as mattresses, mosquito nets, stoves and cooking utensils, as well as equipment to build shelters,” Baloch said. The UNHCR spokesperson added that women and girls were also being provided with dignity kits, including among other items, buckets, soap and towels. In some instances, cash assistance is provided to enable refugees buy food directly from the markets in host communities, helping facilitate the integration of those forced to flee and those welcoming them, he stated.   “However, despite the work of UNHCR and other aid organisations, the needs are far from being met and there are several challenges, including education opportunities for refugee children. The rainy season and harsh road conditions to remote areas make the assistance to the refugees outside of the newly-developed settlement very difficult, with acute needs for food, shelter, water and sanitation,” he said. The post ‘There are over 30,000 Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria’ – UNHCR appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. That’s a very huge number of people

  2. Wow, this is serious

  3. What’s the cause of war in Cameroon?

  4. What’s happening in Cameroon

  5. I appreciate the work of UNHCR to giving home to refugees, God will reward you.also big thanks to the states that gave them safety

  6. I will say a big thank you to UNHCRfor their support

  7. What could be the cause of war

  8. Let their government come and take them back

  9. This number is out of proportion. Something needs to be done before the care giver starts to seek for help on the same matter. I am sure Nigerians living in that region are not finding it easy.

  10. Thanks to UHNCR, you are doing a great job. U shall be rewarded

  11. hmmm, the number is too much oo
    i hope dy wut cum hereto bring trouble

  12. This is serious despite the Nigerian population already

  13. these is too much over population the government should do something

  14. That’s why we are overcrowded we don’t know who is who

  15. Were very good at it

  16. Despite claiming bakassi land,they still can’t take care of their own.

  17. God will Help them.

  18. I appreciate the hard work.

  19. How huge comparing to how many Nigerian refugees. Fix your country

  20. Let them be. Same with our people ex where

  21. As long as they don’t make trouble. No problem

  22. This number is really large. UHNCR have done so well

  23. That’s too much.whats actually happening God help your people oil

  24. What’s really happening in Cameroon

  25. Make God help us

  26. You can’t blame to people for looking for greener pasture but I doubt Nigeria is that place. May God help them

  27. hmm. wasting nigeria resources on others

  28. No wonder the food that the country is producing is no more enough for the citizens

  29. I don’t think Nigeria is the best to take refuge.

  30. Thanks to UNCHR

  31. Our own refugees sef pass their own

  32. Nigerians are accommodating ppl

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