‘There is no part of the country I haven’t been to’ – President Buhari

 'There is no part of the country I havent been to' - President Buhari
Today in Abuja, President Buhari reassured Nigerians that his administration will sustain massive investments to upgrade and develop the country’s transport and power infrastructure. He spoke when he received members of the Association of Retired Career Ambassadors of Nigeria (ARCAN) led by Ambassador Oladapo Fafowora. The President told the retired Ambassadors that Nigerians will never forget the ‘‘lost opportunity between 1999 and 2015,’’ when the nation had huge resources at its disposal.”There is no part of the country I haven’t been to, having attempted to be President four times. I know the condition of our roads. The rails were literally killed, there was no power despite the admittance of some previous leadership that they spent $16 billion on the sector.Today, we are getting our priorities right and we believe that of the three fundamental issues we campaigned on security, the economy and fighting corruption, we have remained very relevant and Nigerians believe we have achieved something,” the President said.President Buhari also used the occasion to appreciate the People’s Republic of China for financing some of the rail and power projects in the country through concessionary loans.”I will do my best to see that where there are possibilities of making a quick improvement on infrastructure, we will do it,” he said.President Buhari also appealed to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to consider what this government inherited and the more it is doing with fewer resources in putting the economy right.The President took note of some concerns raised by the retired Ambassadors including an appeal for the adjustment of their pension entitlements, retention of diplomatic passport for retired career ambassadors, allocation of land for ARCAN headquarters in Abuja and adequate funding of the Foreign Affairs ministry, among others.The post ‘There is no part of the country I havent been to’ – President Buhari appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. But no positive outcome

  2. Doing what exactly sir

  3. You are the one reigning,carry go

  4. He’s lying

  5. That is very nice

  6. That is his business

  7. that’s his hubby

  8. That’s your own achievement

  9. That’s true great achievement to our president

  10. U are there to just campaign

  11. It’s okay, tourist minister

  12. See this mumu old fool , as u go there what have done to them

  13. Abeg oga presido …let’s hear word…with your chopper or vehicle, flying in the air escaping bad roads…the masses are working for the country.. You are busy spending the money of their sweat at our expense…kontinu..daris God.

  14. u are a stupid man

  15. Continue patrolling

  16. Thanks for the update

  17. Thank God for your life

  18. Na lie you no get money buhari, you can’t

  19. it’s possible in the past but since your current reign as president, u haven’t which matters alot

  20. Travel travel presido. Why won’t u?

  21. And so what if you’ve been to my village?

  22. U said you’ve been to every part of the country. My question is what did they need most in okitipupa presently.

  23. Well-done

  24. Lie lie NIGERIA president and their supporters

  25. You haven’t been to my village, if not we will stone you to death

  26. Ur office is in the sky we know already

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  28. Then what have you achieved from all the travels

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