These 3 Hair Care Ingredients Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair & Skin!

Bad Hair Care Ingredients That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair & Skin!

There are so many beauty products in the world today. Brands literally churn out new products every day, and we all want to buy them! But with all these products trying to outdo their competition, how far are they willing to go?

Bad hair care ingredients have been found in beauty products for a long time. However, no matter the intervention, these ingredients still get in there batch after batch. And we don’t know about some of them.

So, to help you spot the bad hair care ingredients, we’ve come up with a list. This list will help you figure out what ingredients are bad for your hair and what damage they could be causing.

Here they are:

Isopropyl Alcohol

This is one of the most common hair care ingredients out there. But most times common can be spelt as B-A-D. Isopropyl Alcohol is typically used to battle frizziness but comes with baggage. Isopropyl, which sometimes is called ‘rubbing alcohol’ is highly flammable and can literally suck all the moisture out of your hair. This leaves your hair feeling dry, brittle and frail.

Sodium lauryl & laureth sulfates
Bad Hair Care Ingredients That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair & Skin!

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This is another hair care no-no! These sulfates are usually found in shampoos and are largely responsible for their lather. However, they can cause the skin to be really irritated and dry out quickly. These sulfates are also carcinogens i.e substances that can cause cancer in living tissue. They can get absorbed into the bloodstream and wreak havoc from there.

Artificial or synthetic fragrances
Bad Hair Care Ingredients That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair & Skin!

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This doesn’t refer to all fragrances, however, choose hair care products that have more natural fragrances like essential oils etc. The synthetic fragrances commonly used can irritate your skin and even cause itching if your skin is sensitive.

We know it might be hard to keep track of all the bad things you shouldn’t go near. But think of it this way – if you learn them now, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress moving forward. These bad hair care ingredients need to be on your watch list ASAP!

And if you’re already dealing with a dry scalp, here are some amazing ways you can moisturize it.

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