These Spot Treatments Work Really Fast To Fight Acne

When acne strikes, strike back immediately with spot treatments

Acne spot treatments are very potent formulations which deliver acne fighting ‘ingredients’ quickly, deep into the pores where it’s needed. They work best when they’re used as soon as you notice a pimple forming on your skin. And If you have oily or acne prone skin, these products are your besties. You should have one with you always. It’ll come in handy to send those pesky pimples into oblivion when they show up.

But keep in mind that these treatments are not suitable as an all over the face ointment and should only be applied on the affected areas. Here are five products you can choose from.

  1. Clean and clear advantage spot treatment gel

This formulation with 2% salicylic acid works quickly to dissolve surface oil on the skin and penetrate the pores. The medication starts to fight pimples immediately and you can see a difference in as little as four hours.

Acne spot treatments


2. Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment

This is a quick absorbing treatment which contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, a powerful acne fighting ingredient. It goes deep down into the pores to kill acne bacteria and also prevent new ones from forming.

It’s available here for N1,300.


acne on the spot treatments



3. Oxy maximum action rapid spot treatment

This is a brand that is actually popular for their acne spot treatments. It is said to visibly reduce redness in just four hours which is not surprising as it contains 10% benzoyl peroxide. It’s a really strong treatment though, so be careful not to over use. It’s available to order here from N2500.

acne on the spot treatments



4. Burt’s bees natural acne solutions targeted spot treatment

This is a gentle product that would zap acne without over-drying your skin like other treatments might. The key ingredient is willow bark which contains beta hydroxy acids that work as an exfoliator. Also, the manufacturers claim that it is 99.9% natural and formulated without parabens. So this is one we actually love.

acne spot treatments


5. Clearasil rapid rescue spot treatment cream

This is another acne spot treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide as the main ingredient. The brand also promises ”visible results in as little as four hours.”

You can find this product at Medplus pharmacies.

acne spot treatments


P.S: Most of these acne spot treatments contain Benzoyl peroxide which is a strong ingredient. Be sure to do a patch test before use and follow up with a sunscreen if you’re going out in the sun. Also, remember that these are spot treatments so they should only be applied on the affected areas and not all over your face.

Are you worried your acne might be hormonal? This is how to know.

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