These Things Kept Nigerian Entrepreneurs Going

1. They Know And Believe In Their Line Of Businesses

One can easily be pushed out of the way if he doesn’t know where he is going. These Nigerian entrepreneurs clearly understand their business and believed in it. This has kept them going even when the roads gets tough.

It is no longer news that complete automobiles are already being manufactured in Nigeria by Innoson Motors Nig. This man knows exactly what he is doing and has remained true to his business despite poor acceptance of his product by the Nigerian people who loves foreign made vehicles. Gradually, Nigerians are now buying and shipment to other countries had already begun.


2. They Have Mission And With Clear Vision
These guys know where they are going because they know very well that for them to get to his destination, the must be clear with their business expectations.

(a.) Fola Adeola, the founder of GTBank is on with clear mission of providing the best of innovative banking services to Nigerians and he has his mission clear in mind and in writing. He put efforts to work it out and today, GTB is one of the biggest bank in Nigeria.

(b.) Aliko Dangote is on a mission to provide solutions to the needs of over 170 million Nigerians and another 200 million Africans. He is currently achieving it and living big in the process. He is the richest black man alive in the world today.

(c.) The computer guru who has taken his passions further away from admiring the sleek foreign made computers, Engr. Leo Ekeh is saddled with a mission of having a Zinox computer in every Nigerian home. He is on his way to achieving in a record time.



3. Nigerian Entrepreneurs Are Focused
These guys know the onions of their business. They choose one business and stick with it until the business start giving account of itself before diversifying to other profitable areas of other lines of businesses.

Raymond Dokpesi is a very good example in this regard. He ran his radio business for long before branching to TV business. Both are currently successful and still expanding.

When you look at Zenith bank of Nigeria, the complete picture of how it is run and maintained would simply project focused brains behind it and that is where you have the man, Mr Jim Ovia and his team. He and Fola Adeola focused on banking and they have given very good account of themselves to all Nigerians and the world to see.

Talking about the big Nigerian entrepreneurs in transport business in Nigeria and the likes of Ifesinachi, Chisco, The Young Shall Grow, Ekendili Chukwu and the rest of them comes to mind. They looked at the sector and discovered there is business sense in moving millions of travelers around Nigeria for their daily businesses. They focused in this line of business and created wealth for themselves.


4. They Are Opportunist
When I say opportunist, its not with the intentions of ascribing wrong motive. What I mean is that they don’t shy away from what will bring profit to their businesses. Once they notice any change in the system that creates problems needing solutions, they will turn it into business golden opportunity by creating businesses around solving the problems. That is why they are entrepreneurs.

They know that problem has a solution and the solution could mean business opportunity, so they always look out for problems. They work with both their ears and eyes wide open for business opportunities that other people may never loot at.

Orji Uzor Kanu once said “A good businessman must have nose for business the same way a journalist has nose for news. Once your eyes, ears, nose, heart and brain are trained on business, you sniff business opportunities everywhere. A good businessman sees where others don’t see. What I see, you may not see. You cannot see because that is the secret of the business. The entire world is a big market waiting for anybody who knows the rules of the game.” And that is what Nigerian entrepreneurs are all about.


5.They Are Big Thinkers
They don’t take mediocre approach to things. Once they consider any thing to be worth venturing into, they go for it without delay. They dream big and understand what it takes to achieve their dreams.

See how big Dangote cement industry has become, How Dokpesi has expanded his entertainment and communication firm to become one of the biggest in Nigeria, How Otedola is the largest distributor of diesel in Nigeria, How Ifeanyi Uba is making it big with Kerosene distributions. Think about that. Understand that its not about how much money you started with but how entrepreneurial you are that matters.


6. Flexible
Flexibility makes it work and Nigerian entrepreneurs, most of whom did not even finished their basic school education need no certificate to know this. They are well aware of Nigerian government strategies and how they do their things. Call them sons and daughters of the soil and you are right because they know the government inside out and are always on the look out for the ever changing patterns of the government policies.

They understand these changes and are always open to swift adjustments to follow along with whatever changes the ruling entity comes up with to create further business opportunities. They are smart and know the rules of the game.


7. They Compete With Each Other
They compete with each other to retain their fair market shares. As businessmen, they know that any business without competitions doesn’t exist. They sometimes fight with all the strengths they’ve got to stay in game and to remain afloat. One example of this was the dual between Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola for the shares of Cheron Nigeria. So you see, nothing in life comes easy and they know it.


8. They Are Good Networkers
The Nigerian entrepreneurs know the value of networking. Yes, they network and even patronize themselves. They do pull resources together for deals and split the profits; that alone is one of the major reason they have remained the big weights in controlling the economy.

They do compete against themselves but that’s just part of the game. After all, Footballers embrace themselves and musicians often sang against themselves for money, they simply make their money while the public are busy discussing what they did or said to each other.


9.They Have Strong Management Team
This is what helps them to remain where they are. With good team, working together for a common goal, the transitions from little business to something big becomes easier.


10. They Are Persistent
They mean what they do and work hard to remaining it no matter the circumstances! Take Linda Ikeji for example, she was persistent in her blogging despite it wasn’t profitable at the beginning. With time, the blog become a multi billion naira business.

Nigerian entrepreneurs have the inner strength to fight it out and would never take no for an answer when they are on any deal that look potentially profitable.

Take your time and go through the few Nigerian entrepreneurs mentioned here and see for yourself how they are killing it. Try to uncover the real secrets of their success as outlined and see what you can learn from them to better your own entrepreneurial skills.

If it’s anything that does nothing to put food on your table and to take adequate care of your family, then stand up and challenge your self with any of the lucrative businesses listed on this website and see the ones you can do and have your name written in gold.


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