This female corp member’s photo has everyone talking online 

This female corp member's photo has everyone talking online
This female corp member is causing a stir online becuase of the size of her jaw-dropping boobs.The post This female corp member’s photo has everyone talking online appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Wow! Oh what a massive creation!

  2. What am I seeing

  3. The milk industry is booming!

  4. The boobs are really jaw-dropping,can’t pass without been noticed.

  5. My dear be proud of what God gave u

  6. God really blessed people with things

  7. To serve NIGERIA with all my b***s. She’s truly heavy loaded

  8. Wow, this is massive

  9. This is too much, it’s over load u carrying

  10. This is very massive.
    In short cowbell our milk

  11. Ok thank you sir but It is not a problem

  12. too much blessings.

  13. Nah trouble for you not me

  14. Is God giving gift, and she is happy with it

  15. so cute. but hope it natural coz I doubt oo

  16. God’s creation in superlative display.

  17. I love that

  18. Almighty asset

  19. This load is too much corper wee

  20. Boobs corper

  21. Who on earth advised her to take this kind of photos and she even posted it on social media…she clamours for attention then.

  22. All I see is God’s gift

  23. This is a big distraction. I pity the students they will ask her to teach

  24. it looks lovely

  25. That’s was a massive Manchester naturally endowed with b**bs

  26. Wow she’s really gifted and her kids wouldn’t lack milk

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