Three Team Building Activities That Enhance Trust and Performance

Trust is vital
to the success of a team and to the health of the culture.  When teams
trust one another, they can create a sense of psychological safety, which means
the group is safe enough for people to take risks, speak up, make mistakes,
resolve conflicts, and be themselves – knowing that they won’t be ridiculed,
shamed, or kicked out for any of these things.

In order to build deeper trust,
connection, and psychological safety, it’s important for teams to take time,
even in the midst of their tasks, challenges, and goals, to focus on their
relationships with one another and the dynamics of their group.  Over the
past eighteen years since I started my consulting company, I’ve delivered and
facilitated hundreds of team building programs for our diverse clients –
companies of various sizes and in all types of industries (technology, finance,
retail, healthcare, education, government, non-profit, and more).

I’ve learned the hard way that
there are lots of ineffective team building activities that can be boring,
cheesy, and a waste of time.  However, there are some specific team
building activities that can be really useful and valuable, which not only
bring the team closer together, but create the conditions for them to perform
at the highest level.

In this video, I share threeteam building activities that I’ve used successfully with our clients toenhance their trust, connection, and performance.  Feel free to check outthis video and see how you can use these activities at your next meeting,offsite, or team gathering.

Questions?  Thoughts? 
Feel free to post them below, or directly on my blog.


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