Timaya shades ex, Empress Njama in tell-all interview -”Who’s bigger now”?

Timaya has finally opened up on his relationship with actress,Empress Njama, almost a decade after their split. The Nigerian musician sat down  in his mansion with media personality, Daddy Freeze .

Timaya also spoke on why he forcefully took back the car he gave Empress to drive, insisting it was not a gift to her.

He said another lady gave him the Honda as a gift and he gave it to Empress, his girlfriend at the time.He said he gave her money to buy a car which she did not buy,but kept using his .

Timaya further claimed the lady who gifted him the car was annoyed and told him if he didn’t want to drive it (as he had bigger cars), he should return it.

He said then he and Empress broke up but he never thought about retrieving the car because he felt they were getting back together and it was just a normal lover’s quarrel.

However, to his surprise, Empress refused to return to him,despite his pleas. So he was forced to go and try to take the car from her in church.He revealed he had the spare key and when he tried to drive out,church elders confronted him.

According to Timaya, he finally took back the car after intervention from some Navy personnel.

Timaya and Empress Njama

He went on to shade her saying, at that moment, he felt his life was almost over.But in his words ”Who’s bigger now?””. He also alluded to the fact he is not saying he is bigger just in terms of money, but  that he has three kids while she has none.

However, somewhere in the interview, he acknowledged, she was more like a wife to him as she was the one who made hims settle in Lagos, even choose his first house and took him everywhere he needed to be.

On why he is talking about it now?

He said because he is over it.And he hears alot of people making reference to it.He wants to dispel the rumours that he collected the car back from her.He said it was not a gift to her as he had already given her money to buy hers.

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  1. U would have let go of the car if u really love her

  2. This one surprise me o

  3. If you broke with her you suppose to leave the car for her to use it in remembering you. That’s what is call love.

  4. This one weak Me ooh.. so funny

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