Toni Braxton Steps Out Braless In Plunging Blouse (Photos)

R&B singer, Toni Braxton, nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she stepped out braless in plunging blouse for an event in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The 51-year-old songstress was attending the opening night of the life-sized Gingerbread House Experience at The Grove and came close to a nip slip as she dared to go braless while wearing plunging blouse that showcased her ample cleavage.

The singer paired the plunging blouse with white flared trousers and a pair of barely-there black heels for the event.

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  1. Women, stop exposing your body

  2. The outfit looks nice on her

  3. Why wearing clothes covering half of the body instead you should have naked your self

  4. Continue,your reward is on the way

  5. You should try and dress descent sometimes

  6. Let her better go their with no clothes now

  7. Well she got the attention she wanted. She is in the news again.

  8. Abbah! This is the height of fashion madness…considering her age she should be an example to emulate by younger ones rather than this

  9. Is common with celebrities you guys should leave them alone they should live their life the way they want they always costs causes drama that is why they are called celebrities

  10. She is still looking good now

  11. I like it,it fits perfectly

  12. At the age 51 years she’s still dressing like this.

  13. Looks nice,but exposing

  14. This outfit is just so revealing anywayz your life your business

  15. This outfit look nice without the exposure

  16. Nice dress you look good

  17. She isn’t braless, she wore an half curve bra

  18. She is 51 and still looking like this. This is amazing

  19. Pretty woman even at 51

  20. Celebrities life is now becoming frustrating

  21. I think is just a wardrobe malfunction…

  22. Infact women with this in discipline Act

  23. This people will not kill us

  24. She’s sexy with her dress . She’s lovely

  25. She is sending celebrity post to her fans.

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