Top 10 Most Richest Kings In Nigeria

On this post we want to share with you the top richest kings and more powerful in command kings in Nigeria. Kings in Nigeria are sensitive monarchies. They remain an ascendant once they are alive even though the democratic predominance vested a significant authority on governors, residents and other democratic leaders. They maintain their state as the most influential monarchies.

Top 10 Most Richest Kings In Nigeria Nigeria is mainly divided into Southern and Northern zones. The Northern region of Nigeria is mainly dominated by the Hausa tribe while the Southern region is dominated by the Igbos and Yoruba’s with some minority groups in the middle belt of Nigeria. A number of kings in Nigeria are engaged in various enterprises and I will write in this article, the top 10 richest kings in Nigeria.


1. Oba Obateru Akinruntan of Ugbo

Ugbo is a prominent town with location in the state of Ondo. Oba Obateru is among the notable monarchies outside and within Ondo state. He remains the richest king in Nigeria. Even though Ugbo is a very little town, there much crude oil deposits and this is the main fact behind the wealth of Olugbo of Ugbo land. He took advantage of the oil deposit located in this town to build an oil enterprise in Ugbo. His petrol station came many years ago.

Even though this petrol station was formed as a small venture, it later became a voluminous firm with the support of it’s many branches which is up to more than 50 in Nigeria.

Apart from this, his oil enterprise, he manages and owns Obat Petroleum which is the oil firm in charge of the largest depots in Africa. Obat Petroleum through these depots have up to a large volume of 65 million liters of oil reserves.

2. Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Eniitan of Ife

Oba Adeyeye became the new king of the Kingdom of Ife which is traditionally associated with the title known as Ooni of Ife. Before his enthronement, he gathered fortunes through his enterprises. He was born in the year 1974 as a Yoruba fellow.

He happens to be the 51st person with this title of the Ooni of Ife. Apart from his status as the most powerful king of Yoruba, his wealth is magnified account and a real estate magnate.

Oba Adeyeye has high regards in Nigeria due to his modernised monarchy. He has contributed to the welfare of Ife people are has given the monarchy a magnificent leadership.

3. Sultan of Sokoto

Sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III (born August 24, 1956 in Sokoto) is the 20th Sultan of Sokoto, the titular ruler of Sokoto in northern Nigeria, head of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (Society for the Support of Islam – JNI), and president-general of the Nigerian National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

He maintains a status not just as one of the richest kings in Nigeria but also the most powerful monarch in Northern Nigeria. In this aspect, he claims an undisputed authority as the religious leader of all Muslims in Nigeria both in Southern and Northern Nigeria and he decides many issues according to their Islamic doctrines. Even though he is known as the Sultan of Sokoto, his influence is beyond Sokoto.

4. Emir of Kano

He is the no 4 in this list with the name of Mallam Muhammed Sanusi II. He is in this list, not only as the 4th richest king in Nigeria but also the second most powerful monarch in the Northern region of Nigeria. Before he joined the Kano Emirate, he was the governor of CBN.

5. Alaafin Oyo

He is no 5 in this list of the richest Nigerian kings. He is the most powerful Yoruba monarch. His name is Lamidi Ilayiwole III and he has been the traditional ruler for many years making him the longest serving Nigerian king. He was born in the year 1938 as a Yoruba person. He later became the Alaafin Oyo. The Oyo empire is well respected among the Yoruba due to it’s high influence on the history of the Yoruba people. With respect to this, the Alaafin Oyo possess some reverence among Yoruba indigenes.


6. Olu of Warri

The Olu of Warri is the traditional ruler of the Warri Kingdom. The current king on that position is Godwin Toju Emiko who is a lawyer by profession. His position makes him the traditional ruler of the people of Itsekiri. Iye Idolorusun was the person who ruled the Kingdom before the monarchy system transformed to what it is today. Through many assets and enterprises, he is among the richest in Nigeria.

7. Obi of Onitsha

This is another influential position in Nigeria. He has made a lot of contributions and is among the richest in Nigeria. Obi of Onitsha is the most influential traditional ruler in the South East. He is the traditional ruler of the city of the largest market in West Africa. He has many assets and is known for his periodic Ofala festival. He remains one of the richest in Nigeria. He has headed many banks and companies.

8. Oba of Benin

He is among the richest and the most influential in Nigeria. This is very influential in political affairs and he is often called upon by politicians to intervene on political issues. The Oba Benin is the traditional ruler of the Edo Kingdom. He has many assets that makes him one of the richest in Nigeria.

9. Olubadan of Ibadan

This is a prominent title in Ibadan. He is on this list of the top 10 richest kings in Nigeria. Ibadan was founded in the 16th century. The Olubadan of Ibadan has some extra powers to peg or depose a chief. The Olubadan is very influential in the politics of Western Nigeria.

10. Oba of Lagos

He is the traditional ruler of one of the largest West African city. He is also known as the Eleko of Eko. Lagos is known to be the commercial suburb of Nigeria. He plays a lot of role in the Eyo festival which include indulging in certain tourist advertisements.

Once popular in history of the Lagos suburb is then known Oba Kosoko of Lagos. He is known to be the last Oba of Lagos to engage in the remittance of tributes to the Oba of Benin. Previous Lagos rulers have made use of titles like Ologun.

The Oba of Lagos has many assets and enterprises. The king is often sought after by politicians in Nigeria who often seek support from many Lagos residents. There is a common saying that ‘ you have got to go to Lagos’. There were historical accounts of the grandson of the Oba of Benin known as the Ashipa. This Ashipa is said to have received a royal drum and a sword symbolising his authority. The Oba of Lagos is among the richest kings in Nigeria.

This is the complete list of richest kings in Nigeria. If you have further inquiries or suggestion regarding this article, you are free to use the comment box below.

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