Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World (2018)

Forbes has released the 2018 list of the world’s richest pastors and Bishop David Oyedepo is number one. With a net worth of $150 million, Daily Post reports that the founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Church surpassed others to be crowned as the world’s richest pastor.

BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO (Net Worth $150 million)

Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian, born in September 1954 and is the founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A Winners Chapel.

He’s known as Nigeria’s prosperity preacher owing to a myriad of his preachings revolving around being prosperous.

He was once said he’d be surprised if he wasn’t at the level he is today from the depth of commitments and heights of investments put into the Kingdom work.

His ministry have grown tremendously since it was founded in 1981 in the Northern Nigerian city of Kaduna and is present in over 300 locations in Nigeria and over 45 African nations, including the US, Dubai and UK.

His church auditorium, a 50,000 capacity seater, called faith tabernacle located in Canaan land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria made it to the World Guiness Book of Record in 2008 as the largest church auditorium in the world.

He is currently building a 100,000 capacity auditorium to dwarf the former.

He was rumoured to own four private jets, a claim he had debunked, reducing the number to just one.

He has two private universities(Covenant and Landmark University), a polytechnic (Covenant Polytechnic) a secondary school and various investment littered all over the country.


BISHOP T.D JAKES (Net Worth $147 Million)

Thomas Dexter Jakes is a U.S Pastor, actor, film maker, singer and author.

Born in 1957, West Virginia, United States, although he has been strongly linked to a Nigerian descent.

He’s the founder and senior pastor of the potters house, one of America’s most famed churches located in Dallas, Texas and sits over 30,000 worshippers.

Bishop Jakes powerful messages are conveyed to the world via television broadcast in an army of TV stations across the globe.

His books are best sellers, worthy of mention are “Woman thou art loosed” and “The lady, her lover and her God”.

This versatile American preacher has also won a Grammy from one of his numerous songs, including the “Best Gospel album of the year”.

He lives in a $1.7 million mansion and rakes most of his wealth from his books, songs and movie production.



Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Pastor and founder of Believers LoveWorld A.K.A Christ Embassy, a ministry he started while on campus at the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.

His church has risen from that campus little gathering to one of the biggest and most influential churches in Nigeria.

He’s a born teacher of the word of God and is reputed for his healing powers which had earned him widespread attention, reverence and criticisms alike.

His church is undeniably the power house of Gospel artists in Nigeria, churning out the likes of Frank Edwards, Sinach, Eben, Buchi, Ada among others.

He holds live broadcast in his three satellite TV stations and almost all television and radio stations in Nigeria.

The live broadcast is not limited to the Nigerian audience but transcends across Africa and Europe.

His “Rhapsody of Realities”, a daily devotional guide is about the most distributed Gospel material in the world, covering over 180 countries across the globe in over 642 translations.


PASTOR BENNY HINN (Net Worth $42 Million)

Israeli born, Benny Hinn is an American Televangelist and preacher.

A plethora of his world prominence is attributed to his “Faith Healing” acts and teachings.

For over 35 years and still counting, Pastor Benny have been providing ceaseless spiritual solutions to preyed Christians across the globe through his broadcasts.

No one teaches about the Holy Spirit better than Pastor Benny, his books on the the Personality of the Holy Spirit are munched daily around the world.

He has a robust followership of people eager for God’s healing hands through his TV broadcasts and online podcasts with over 19 million subscribers.


PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE (Net Worth $39 Million)

Enoch .A. Adeboye is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, A Nigerian church with the highest number of branches per 200 feet in measurement.

His target is to have at least one branch of the RCCG in every compound in Nigeria, so far, there are over 14,000 branches in the country and presumably, by the time you’re done perusing this article, that figure might change.

He’s the most revered Pastor as far as Nigeria is concerned for his rare humility and scrupulous disposition.

Once a professor of Mathematics, but now no title might seem more appropriate than the professor of humility, spirituality and Nigerian Christianity.

For someone with his sheer humility, we’re thinking he won’t be happy about we mentioning his private jet ownership here.

But well, we just did and he deserves it.

His eminent spiritual personality should even own a ship whenever he’s bored of flying and chooses to sail.


PASTOR CREFLO DOLLAR (Net Worth $27 Million)

Creflo Augustus Dollar is an American Gospel preacher and televangelist.

He is the founder and senior Pastor of World Changers Church International, College Park, Georgia.

Dollar is renowned for his prosperity teachings as he champions it with all dexterity.

He’s been controversial for leading an extravagant lifestyle.

Dollar owns two Rolls Royce, a private jet and homes worth millions of dollars in America.

Dollar has been flagged by “Ministry Watch” for declining a financial audit on his assets.

Creflo pastors a 30,000 member congregation and rakes in millions of dollars in gross cash collections.


KENNETH COPELAND (Net Worth $25 Million)

Kenneth Max Copeland is an American author, televangelist and public speaker.

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He’s the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, a platform where his prosperity teachings are being shared to his teeming audience.

Copeland was a musician before he got born again.

He also owns this zest for flying aircrafts, which was why after his conversion, he enrolled at the Oral Roberts University where he became the pilot of Oral Roberts himself.

Kenneth has also come under fire for being rather too lavish for a pastor.

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries sits on a 1500 acres that houses his own airstrip which is gradually turning into a mini airport as the hanger now houses not just his own private jet but other aircrafts used for ministry purposes.



LATE BILLY GRAHAM (Net Worth $25 Million)

Known as “America’s Pastor” Billy Graham is an American televangelist and about the longest serving evangelist in contemporary times before his death.

Born in 1918, Billy has metarmophosed into America’s most influential evangelist and the world indeed.

He’s been actively involved in the politics of America, offering prayers and counselling to a host of American Presidents.

Billy has preached to over 210 million people in over 185 countries in various crusades and conferences.

His television broadcast has a lifespan of 60 years before his retirement in 2005.

Billy has preached to more persons in the world than any other evangelist in the annals of christian history and about 3.2 million people have given their life to christ through his altar calls.

His spiritual impact has affected the lives of over 2.2 billion people before his death in February 21, 2018 at age 99.



T.B JOSHUA (Net Worth $10 Million)

Temitope Balogun Joshua is a Nigerian televangelist, pastor and philantrophist.

He’s the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria.

He became prominent and controversial when he began healing diverse forms of illness and dishing out prophecies that all came to past.

His healing power and prophetic grace converted his church to a tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world including African and Latin American presidents.

It was reported by a local newspaper that His church recieves more visitors weekly than the Buckingham Palace and the London Tower combined.

His church is a boost for Nigeria’s tourism sector.

He’s philantrophism is highly conspicuous, he has been a constant hope to the less privileged and destitutes within and outside Nigeria as he gives regular aids and scholarships to the needy.

Pastor Joshua’s church has it’s only branch in Nigeria in the city of Lagos with over 15,000 congregation.


JOSEPH PRINCE (Net Worth $5 Million)

Prince is a pastor and televangelist.

He hails from Malaysia but was birthed into the family of a sikh priest in Singapore and pastors the largest church in the Asian continent.

He was once an IT consultant which had led him to become one of the most tech-savvy Gospel preachers in the list.

His preachings are being broadcasted via online videos and over 150 countries are connected to his video series.

He’s also an author and has written several books that have sold in millions of copies around Asia.

Source: JVN


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