Top 8 Most Important Signs, Warnings And Bullshit Alarms You Need To Take Note Of In The People Around You

Written by Alden Tan

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1) If your boyfriend or girlfriend has shitty friends, it’s likely that they too are pretty shitty. It may not be obvious at first, but at their darkest, most emotional moments, you’ll see that shittiness. Be wary.

2) When way too many people has something bad to say about someone, you need to listen. Most people would argue that you should form your own opinion and not listen to gossip or hearsay, but come on, if freaking twenty, or even ten people say the same thing, you’ve to be on your guard.

3) When a person you know is constantly indulging in Facebook drama. Maybe they argue publicly online. Maybe they love taking videos of strangers and posting them. Maybe they love taking screenshots of conversations and posting them. Whatever. If that person can do it to someone, he or she can easily do the same to you.

4) If your friend is nice to you, but not to the waiter, cashier, cab driver or janitor, then your friend is not a nice person. Period.

5) A person who uses flowery language to butter you up and praise you for no reason are just trying to sell you something or make use of you. In other words, they’re hypocrites. Learn how to detect flowery language and pretentiousness in a person.

6) When somebody doesn’t reply on time and pretty much ghost on you, they’re hiding something. No one is that busy in life. If your partner is unaccountable like that, it’s time to really dig out the truth.

7) If you think your friend or family is suffering from depression, please help them in whatever way possible immediately. Suicide is real as fuck. Do not take this for granted and do not ignore. Try your best.

8) Your gut. If you’ve a nagging voice in your head. If you don’t feel good deep down. If you feel sick in your stomach. If the mere thought of someone pisses you off. Run away. Your gut is rarely ever wrong. Give yourself a chance.

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