Twitter Drama between Nnedi Okorafor & upcoming author she told Talk is Cheap

A Nigerian-American authour Nnedi Okorafor has come under fire on Twitter after she replied Talk is Cheap to an upcoming author who had boasted that she will one day be one of the best writers to come out of Nigeria.
The young writer had taken to her Twitter page to write on her aspiration and how she will be revelled in the future as one of the best writers to have come out of the country.

She wrote:

I am going to be one of the best writers to come out of Nigeria.

Then in what sounded as a mis-interpreted chastisement, Nnedi Okorafor had written:
Talk is Cheap

This surely didn’t go well with the young write who believed the established authour looked down on her and she responded in what can be considered as a clap back:

Lmao this was so unnecessary and disappointing from you smh. I thought you were magic but this is such as basic reply. Also, have you heard of speaking something into existence?

The exchange between the duo actually generated a whole lot of reactions on Twitter with some people being on the young writer’s side with the explanation that Nnedi ought to have either corrected her in a well understandable manner.

And some even went further to chastise the young writer for not utilising to opportunity she had to have gained the attention of the world-famous authour.

But in her defense, Nnedi mentioned that was her usual mode of telling students to do more and not just say the words.

A check on her twitter page even indicated same reply she gave to someone in 2017.


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  1. English has become problem here ooo

    1. Exactly. Na English misinterpretation

  2. Lolx u won’t blame her

  3. That’s is weird

  4. We don’t have to blame her

  5. nnedi would have encourage the young writer in a more better rather than being equivocal.

  6. What to do

  7. don’t blame her

  8. I can’t blame her. am sure one day her dreams will come to past .

  9. Too mush food dey cos talk

  10. They should come out and. Fight for fighting on twitter

  11. Smile…. If she thinks so

  12. Don’t know why people keep fighting online

  13. is not good

  14. May your dreams come to reality

  15. This some bullshit what a drama

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