UBA Customer Collapses After Losing Money Due To Alleged Bank’s Negligence

There was confusion, yesterday, at a branch of UBA located at Chevron, Lekki, Lagos State, as a man collapsed after fraudsters emptied his account.

According to an eyewitness, the man revealed that he had initially visited the bank to inform the customer care unit to close his account, immediately after he lost his phone, but, according to him, nothing was done.

However, when he returned to the bank again, he discovered that all his money had been wiped off by the suspected fraudsters who got hold of his SIM card through his lost phone.

The man, who demanded a refund from the bank, said he worked so hard for the money and at a point, he became so devastated that he collapsed.

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  1. Chaii what a pity

  2. Chai i feel bad for him

  3. Oh no…..take heart my broda

  4. What a pity, I will blame the bank for this, they should have closed down the account immediately the man instructed them to

  5. The bank should refund the man back his money, because it was their fault

  6. Feel for this man

  7. Such a pity. Is really very bad.some bank have form it as an attitude to neglect customers

  8. This bankers self they will kill person

  9. This case should be looked into.. They should trace the acct the money went to… Block that acct.follow it up from there.

  10. The bank should be blame for this….. Omg!! And am feeling so sad. Let the fraudster keep it on I know one day will be one day for then that will end this wicked act

  11. this is a good information

  12. Eyah such a pity

  13. I feel his pain…who knows what the man is goung through right now

  14. It is a pity, sorry my dear

  15. Hmmmm I feel really sorry for him, but the bank are to be held responsible

  16. What a pity, the banker most surely paid back his money.

  17. It’s a pity. Take heart God will see you through

  18. Sorry man,Get well soon

  19. So sad the bank should try and at least refund some of the money to the man please

  20. So sad,Get well soon

  21. He should sue the bank. What nonsense

  22. What a pity. I hope it has being rectified

  23. This bank workers are no more serious,all they do is gist,they are suppose to pay for it,cause the man has lodged complains to them already

  24. This is really bad. Negligence on the bank part. I m sure they will sack the customer care agent after this

  25. This is disheartening… Sorry for the loss.

  26. I never like UBA bank

  27. This is so heartbreaking. Take heart man

  28. Bank negligence huh? Take legal actions jor

  29. Bank should refund his money for him because they were the one that cause all this.

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