URGENT NOTICE: If you have earned up to N1,000, please fill this withdrawal form so you can be paid today!

Good day Great GETPAID.ng earners! We have some exciting news.

We want to make this weekend a beautiful one for everyone of our members.

So, if you have earned at least N1000, please apply for withdrawal now.

Fill our withdrawal form HERE 

PLEASE NOTE: This will be only for this weekend. Only this Friday.

This means if you don’t apply today, you won’t be paid till you get N4,000.

Start applying for withdrawal. We are waiting to pay you now.

PLEASE NOTE: GETPAID.ng would deduct spam earnings from your activity earnings.

Spam earnings are earnings from not good quality comments, earnings you made by clicking on links whereas you didn’t complete the task.

The number of links you clicked is expected to tally with the number of comments you made on advertiser’s website.

If the links you clicked is higher than comments you made, system will automatically deduct the excess earnings.


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  1. Thank you get paid

  2. This is good news

  3. This is good news for us all

  4. This week will be juicy too

  5. This write should be given accolades

  6. I love this

  7. All the best

  8. Getpaid rocks

  9. This Is Really Great

  10. I have filled the form but av not been paid

  11. This is great thank u get paid

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