Uriel replies IG user who told her she is classless for begging designers for clothes

Ex Big brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa, took out time to reply an instagram user who criticised her for ‘begging’ designers to style her whenever she has an event to attend.This comes after Uriel on Sunday, wrote on IGS that she was looking for ankara designers to style her for her visit to Dubai.The Instagram user who felt she was being ‘classless’ asking for such favours online, replied her story saying ”You beg too much!Give yourself some class yo! Even if you have to beg don’t make it public. Get a stylist to do that for you… Kai!!”See Uriel’s reply below. The post Uriel replies IG user who told her she is classless for begging designers for clothes appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. I’m not sure it’s true

  2. Hmm… Don’t know what to say

  3. make she ho find something do

  4. People will not mons their business

  5. The Instagram user is obviously jealous of Uriel

  6. Classless indeed

  7. Fine uriel
    Savegery tho lol

  8. But how is this his business? You ain’t a designer or stylist, why then bug your small head around her begging.? She beg from you? Mind your business, you don’t have to respond to every post, if not that you also want to be noticed.

  9. Nice come back for social media bullies

  10. All is well

  11. I smell jealousy

  12. Don’t mind them

  13. Lol this is serious

  14. Why won’t some people mind their business or stay on their lane…

  15. Women with their problems

  16. This sounds so ridiculous

  17. And that how this Getpaid will force us to poke in other people’s business.

  18. She is truly classless

  19. People will not mind their business in this niaja

  20. why would some people love to be intruders in someone else issue?

  21. There must be haters Uriel so don’t bother to reply every troll on social media

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