Vacation Photo Of Kourtney Kardashian With Ex And kids In Bali

Kourtney Kardashian and Scot Disick are co-parenting goals.

Though they are no longer together they are still very much like family and are able to play around and stay in each other’s lives for the kids.

The entire family recently went on a vacation to Bali and Kourtney just released the photo above, from their vacation.

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  1. Nice one for knowing how good it is to be together

  2. this will not happen in Nigeria. after seperating

  3. Wow they look amazing but yet divorced hmmmm

  4. This is good them staying in each others life because of their kids

  5. What happen now you people look good together why divorce

  6. This can never happen in Nigeria. Vacation with your ex, who does that

  7. this is nice, but possible won’t happen in Nigeria with Ex

  8. Kourtney dancing shakushaku…. Nice one

  9. Men dis small boy of yesterday don grow finish ooo

  10. That’s a good one. As far as you have kids together your separation will not work.

  11. Lovely family is good to saty together as one.

  12. So lovely see how they are all pretending nothing is happening

  13. Very beautiful all looking lovely and dope

  14. It’s better they reconciled within themselves since the relation is still fairly good.

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