Video Of Asisat Oshoala’s New Nike Advert

Play for the next generationThe video has footage of Oshoala playing for Barcelona, training in Mushin, footage of kids playing football on a sandy school pitch in Lagos, Oshoala receiving the African Footballer of the Year award, Oshoala signing for Barcelona, Oshoala’s goal for Barcelona and Oshoala and Kemi practicing together (Kemi is a mixed race Nigerian kid).It also has footage of school girls in Lagos training during an Asisat Oshoala Foundation event and of Asisat Oshoala training on her own in Spain.Here’s a transcript of the words that Oshoala spoke in the video.Football means the world to me. I’m always thankful for the struggle.If I had been given the opportunity when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have strived harder to get to where I am today.I never had the thought of playing football professionally when I was young. I was just doing it for fun, you know, because I never take it serious, because I know my parents will always say, “No, no, no” to it and there’s no way I can live without them.Playing for Barcelona, I always dreamed of it, but I never believed that it could happen, you know. When you are surrounded by a team of great women, it makes you want to do more on and off the pitch, you know.I’m here in Barcelona to make myself better, to make a whole lot of people look up to me proud and to make the world know that good players in Africa can actually be role models to millions of kids that are coming up.For me, each time I see a young girl playing football, it gives me so much joy, because I see a lot of opportunities for female players in the future.Asisat Oshoala Foundation is a foundation that cares for a girl child who has dreams of playing football professionally, but comes from a difficult family who doesn’t want them to play football.When people tell young girls that their dreams are not achievable, I just tell them, “stay focused, work so hard and these people are going to be proud of you tomorrow, even when they never supported you.Imagine having five Asisat Oshoalas in Nigeria. You know what I mean?Don’t change your dreams, change your world.Just do it.