WAEC explains why President Buhari’s F9 results in Mathematics didn’t reflect in the Certificate/Attestation that was presented to him

 WAEC explains why President Buhari's F9 results in Mathematics didn't reflect in the Certificate/Attestation that was presented to him
The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has responded to the difference between the statement of result issued to President Buhari in 2015 and the attestation of result presented to the president on Friday, November 2, 2018.   The list of subjects in the 2018 attestation were less than those contained in the 2015 statement of result.  When a Twitter user queried WAEC asking, “how come mathematics and woodwoork that you had F9 (fail) both disappeared in you new @waecnigeria result. Keep embarrassing us sir. I wonder what basis senator adeleke is being prosecuted?” WAEC responded saying, “subjects that a candidate had F9s in are no longer captured in certificates or Attestation of Results.” WAEC however did not exactly state what year this new policy took effect.  See more reactions by WAEC to some other questions surrounding the president’s resultSorry, bro. We no longer capture in our certificates or Attestation of Results the subjects a candidate had F9s in, please. https://t.co/NmbNQ9mRmI— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018Stop misinforming people.You can’t apply for Attestation of Results or any other document if you have not registered and sat the examination. https://t.co/VW3JDBP7K9— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018He did not apply for it in 2015. https://t.co/pUmCLZyBt9— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018It should be the passport photo he submitted during the application for Attestation of Results. https://t.co/RiB6IwvlEo— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018Thank you. There has been so much display of ignorance on this matter. If you know, you know! https://t.co/q080tdEkc7— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018That person should approach @waecnigeria either to have his results confirmed to that institution or to have his Attestation of Results processed. https://t.co/lF19TERp41— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018That’s if you’re the President! #RespectAndHonourToWhomItIsDue https://t.co/ESLGlOVKM0— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 3, 2018What happened was that Move On Nigeria went to Ghana to ask for a record that is in Nigeria. Was the exam done in Ghana? And for the avoidance of doubt, only the candidate and a court of competent jurisdiction can ask the Council for any certificate/result. https://t.co/khKJKBUDGP— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 2, 2018Letter of application; Police report on lost or damaged certificate; Photocopy of lost or damaged certificate; Two recent passport-sized photos of the candidate; Sworn Affidavit for collection of Attestation of Result; & Administrative fee of N20, 000. https://t.co/U0SNCuuUjU— WAEC NIGERIA (@waecnigeria) November 2, 2018The post WAEC explains why President Buhari’s F9 results in Mathematics didn’t reflect in the Certificate/Attestation that was presented to him appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Waec you are just instigating more confusion

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  5. I don’t know why some people are treat with good hands, is it that he is the president?

  6. Waec u people should be ready to correct people u have failed all these years because Buhari is not the only person with waec problems.

  7. Waec is covering their president

  8. Politics is involved

  9. Waec is meddling with politics . On the other hand, there are positive sides of it for the masses

  10. All lie shaaa

  11. Waec is covering their president

  12. That’s waec for us

  13. Bugatti u try u Don get ur result

  14. I think this is getting more serious

  15. this one he’s having F9 in mathematics and is a president Nawa oooo

  16. I believe this is getting too much

  17. Careful WAEC!
    You might lose a whole lot of credibility with this.
    There’s NECO option o.

  18. Some people will just go online and post what they like

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  20. Is getting too much why

  21. thunder fire waec in general. anyways, they lost their credibility a very long time ago, this one just finished them completely

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