Was Anthony Joshua Loss Fixed? Nigerian Man Believes It Was Scripted

Was Anthony Joshua loss to Andy Ruiz fixed? Well you are about to know that as a Nigerian man believes so in his own opinion.The Facebook user identified as Seun Taddy Duro-Fadipe, while taking to the platform, wrote that there was no way the Mexican boxer could have defeated Anthony Joshua and the loss was all a script.He wrote his opinion on his Facebook page where he mentioned that no one actually wanted to fight Anthony Joshua before Ruiz showed up in the sceneWell played AJ… Here is exactly why I think this match was fixed.No one wanted to fight Joshua. Ruiz picked up this fight just 6 weeks ago. Properly scripted.1. Pot for the rematch will be X10 what was generated today becos of hype2. Joshua will beat Ruiz very very comfortably.So, Was Anthony Joshua loss fixed?Seun then further wrote that now that a rather unknown boxer has been crowned the World Heavyweight Champion, he believes that Wilder and Fury would want to come out to challenge Joshua.3. Wilder and Fury will be scrambling for who should go at AJ first. Same people that were demanding a planet as a ruse not to fight Joshua.Flooring Anthony Joshua is the classic boxing movie script. Tyson 90′, Lennox Lewis 2001, beat the undefeated champion, get him more contenders who’d take a shot at his title therefore generating buzz and more pay for him.Conspiracy of the smart!!https://lailasnews.com/was-anthony-joshua-loss-fixed-nigerian-man-believes-it-was-scripted/