We Are All Thieves – Bobrisky Supports Okoro Blessing As She Threatens Suicide

Bobrisky who reacted to the latest video Okoro Blessing shared in which she threatened suicide as she claimed she was set up by Onye Eze and his boys, has stated that we are all thieves at some points in our lives.¬†Bobrisky who supported Okoro Blessing after she threatened suicide, said they’ve never met before but he was touched by the video of her crying and felt like giving her a hug. The cross dresser further revealed that 90% of Nigerian celebrities all live fake lives and if everybody will mock her, he will never be part of it.He wrote;¬†https://unclesuru.com/2019/05/30/we-are-all-thieves-bobrisky-supports-okoro-blessing-as-she-threatens-suicide/