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As you already know, pays her users two incomes – ACTIVITY EARNINGS & REFERRAL EARNINGS. BOTH earnings can be merged and cashed out every THURSDAY as long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal balance of 2,000. for first time withdrawers.

After making your first withdrawal, you can request for withdrawal when you have earned up to 3,000.

If you do only Activity Earnings, you will have to work for a month or even more to make 4,000
Whereas if you do referrals (Referral Earnings), you can make  100,000 in that same one month.

We encourage members that want to earn 4,000 quicker and get paid faster and bigger, to PLEASE DO REFERRALSYou earn 1,050 for each referral and you get paid every THURSDAY.

Here are the 5 ways you can make money on

*Summary on how you make money on

  • Instant Registration Bonus = 100

  • Sponsored Posts You Read & Share on Facebook = 50

  • Each comment = 3

  • Every Referral you bring = 1,050 (Referring people is NOT COMPULSORY. You will get paid your earnings even without referrals.)


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OUR MISSION:’s aim/mission is this: To provide a legitimate, scam free platform where Nigerians can CONSISTENTLY earn money online for years

We started with a simple goal: to help Nigerians make money online legitimately and overcome financial problems consistently. was created with a vision that it will never cause pain, tears, heartbreak to any of its members.

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