When People Volunteer Information, There’s Usually A Hidden Meaning

Written by Alden Tan

I’ve come to realize and believe that when people volunteer information without being asked, there’s usually always a hidden meaning or an ulterior motive behind it. Unfortunately, it can be malicious too.

When people volunteer saying that they’re all about helping people, it usually means that they’re selling something and are actually only in it for the money.

When people volunteer saying that they’ve been through a lot in life and have grown up some, it usually means they’re still insecure and seeking validation and attention.

When people volunteer saying how they hate all the attention they’re getting from other people, it usually means they love it and feel flattered as it is.

When people volunteer guarantees, like guaranteeing you big returns in the form of money, they’re already lying.

And so on.

Be wary of such people.

Read into their actions instead, not their free information.

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  1. Most multinational speakers are like that, sorry to say this

  2. Most motivational speaker are like that bro

  3. It is always that way

  4. I am not disappointed anyways

  5. hahahaha. na them sabi. I just take what i want from the info

  6. That’s true fact

  7. Atimes, not everyone is like that

  8. Sometimes it always like that but sometimes it not like that

  9. Its always like that

  10. Its mostly like that, only in few cases r not

  11. Innovative

  12. I have seen many cases like that

  13. It’s true but not applicable to everyone.

  14. Noted thanks

  15. True but not everyone is like that

  16. i dnt doubt this

  17. That’s a no doubt for me .

  18. Esp motivational speakers
    Some are like dat

  19. Not in all cases

  20. This is true

  21. Am disappointed though

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