White Lady Rescues An Abandoned Mentally Ill Woman In Rivers State

An IG user shared a heart-melting video of an oyinbo woman who was seen helping out a mentally disordered man on the streets of Portharourt..

The man who shared the video added a write up and it reads;

Saw a white lady this morning attending to a mad woman dumped by refuse site at artillery in Portharourt. She bought her food and also arrange ambulance to carry her to hospital for medical attention. May God reward her kindness

Watch the video

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  1. That is good act from her

  2. This is such a good news

  3. God bless her

  4. This is too kind of her

  5. A caring heart, may God bless her and reward her

  6. Her fellow Nigerians abandoned her

  7. she just disclosed the way they behave in the country nigeria is full of atrocities and evil that no one could be able to attend to a mentally deranged person at the roadside

  8. May God reward you

  9. Thank God that white woman was there to rescue her

  10. What a kindful heart

  11. That speaks good of her

  12. Nice and caring woman. God bless her

  13. That is an act of love may god bless her

  14. Thanks for being so good

  15. This is great lesson for us,may God heal the man

  16. Gos bless your good heart

  17. A humanitarian act, people really needs to drop racism and act nicely. Nice one

  18. And her fellow country ppl abandoned her

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