Who Is Kinsey Wolanski? Meet Lady Who Invaded Champions League Final Pitch

Who is Kinsey Wolanski? And what is Kinsey Wolanski Instagram? So many people have been asking after a lady identified with that name invaded the pitch yesterday during the Champions League final in MadridKinsey Wolanski is the girlfriend and accomplice of famous YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, whose adult website Vitaly Uncensored has 10million followers.Who is Kinsey Wolanski? What is Kinsey Wolanski Instagram?But she took centre stage alone at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium when she raced across the pitch in skimpy swimwear while Liverpool and Tottenham players looked on.Her antics sent the 22-year-old’s Instagram followers from 230,000 followers to over a million in the space of a night.Explaining why she stripped off in Madrid, she wrote on Instagram:”STREAKING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever.”What is Kinsey Wolanski Instagram?Kinsey Wolanski Instagram has been buzzing with so much activities since the stunt and users on the platform across the world have been trooping to her page where she regularly updates eye-popping hot photos of her trips to different parts of the world.CHECK HER PAGE OUT BELOW:https://lailasnews.com/who-is-kinsey-wolanski-what-is-kinsey-wolanski-instagram/