Why Is It So Difficult Having A Shop In Lagos?

I had a shop few years ago but had to close it down due to the stress of owning a shop in Lagos.

There are just too many levies associated with owning a shop and if you aren’t careful, you’d be working for these people.

Then I used to pay the following:

Shop Rent = 8,000 monthly (for two shops)
NEPA BILL = 2,000 – 5,0000 monthly
SHOP Permit =5,000 yearly
Lawma = 300 – 500 monthly
Security = 2,000 monthly
Reconnection= 300 for whenever the light was disconnected.
Transport = 5,000 monthly
Feeding Nil as I always brought food from home

Total = 18,000 to 23,000 monthly

Which means I needed to make at least 18,000 monthly to not be running at a loss. Whatever else I made was then my profit.

At the end, I did a rethink and felt owning a shop was slavery and not just worth it in this part of the country.

Please share your own experience owning a shop in Lagos.