Woman pulls up on a church elder she says molested her (video)

A woman revealed in a video which has been seen by millions has since gone viral, after she was seen confronting a man that she claims molested her and her sister many years ago.

The video, shows a woman pulling up on an elderly man inside church. The woman confronts him with allegations that he molested her.

The woman is seen telling the man,

“You molested me and my sister.”


At first the man, also an elder at the church is seen denying the allegation, but eventually apologizes after some prodding to the young lady on video.

The man can be heard saying,

“I apologize.”


What happens next is really shocking. Surprisingly the alleged victim “accepts” his apology. She even went ahead to shake the hand of the  man whom she claims molested her.

The video has really gone viral, and has got several people talking.


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