Woman Sues Ex-Boyfriend After His ‘Abnormal Manhood Widened Her Private Part’

A woman is suing her ex-boyfriend after his “abnormally long” manhood allegedly overstretched her [email protected] Silindile Mangena, 29, is planning to undergo reconstructive surgery after getting intimate with Mugove Kurima, 37.

But she wants Kurima to pay the whopping 150,000 Rand (£8,000) cost of this – and is reportedly taking him to court.
Silindile, of Harare, Zimbabwe, told the Zimbabwe Mail that her private parts were “tight” before she met her ex in 2016.

She said she fell in love even though he was allegedly married at the time.
However, she ended the relationship in May this year after Kurima is alleged to have stretched her [email protected]

It is currently unclear how large Silindile alleges her ex’s manhood is.
The woman will reportedly ask the court – through her lawyers, Dakarai, Masendu and Partners – to force Kurima to pay for reconstructive surgery of her vagina in South Africa.
Kurima is yet to respond to the allegations.

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  1. Yepa this is brutal

  2. Lol! Different wahala for different people

  3. When she was allowing him nko

  4. There is nothing that we will not hear,why didn’t she assess the man well before accepting him

  5. but is she telling me she don’t know the size before

  6. Rubbish everywhere

  7. That’s very bad who told you to have sex

  8. This is funny, some ladies are out their looking for big one, you are here complaining

  9. Is not by force to have sex

  10. you no see am before

  11. She should manage it

  12. wonders shall never end
    did he force for sex

  13. This is so gross ogidi gan

  14. Were you forced into the relationship, so what is him paying you for

  15. Laugh just dey worry me

  16. She you wanted sex? He gave you now you want to sue him? Lol

  17. Rubbish, are you not the one that open it for him??? Did he force you to open it???

  18. People with their behavior

  19. Nonsense she was enjoying it now they are no longer together she is missing it

  20. Didn’t you see the size before opening your legs

  21. Very nice and cool posts.. way up

  22. Abnormal manhood my foot , wen u were enjoying it u don’t know its abnormal

  23. Amusing! Why did she it to penetrate? Or was it a rape?

  24. Are you not the one that accept him at first time? Also knew very well that he has married

  25. Men… How come nah

  26. This one is unheard of. Was she not seeing it while they were making out? Did he force her to bed? Some issues just need waka pass method. If she needs money from him for something else that aside.

  27. You have no point how come you didn’t reject it the first time and you have been enjoying it why complaining now

  28. What’s all this? Do we have to Rant everything?

  29. The life of kids

  30. What nonsense, its a matter of enjoyable pleasure.

  31. That’s good for her.

  32. God should have mercy of people that enjoy SIN.

  33. Lol. This is quite funny . I dont Think it’s this part of the world

  34. Hahahah. Nigeria remain the beat Africa country

  35. When she was enjoying the big prick she now complaining

  36. This is serious. People no dey shame again.

  37. Instead of this lady to beg for money at once she’s here seeking for recognition

  38. That’s not nice of her, why did she open leg for him

  39. These people self…was she not the one that opened for him

  40. I have now heard everything, hahaha! Babe, who send you? Sorry iya!!

  41. Wonders they say, shall never end. You two enjoyed it, stop the complaints

  42. Girls will be complaning they are up to the task
    Now this one received what is bigger and stronger than her

  43. But she saw it before they had intercourse and didnt say anything then. Now that they broke up she wants payback Nonsense

  44. Shebi it’s what dey want….. after all he didn’t rape or force her

    And it’s definitely not d first time dey are doing it

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