Yoruba Actors Don’t Have Six-Packs Because They’re Always Busy

Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu has disclosed why Yoruba actors don’t have six-packs and why their English-speaking counterparts do.

According to Funsho Adeolu, most English-speaking actors have six-packs because they are not really actors but models, however most Yoruba actors don’t have this because they are always busy.

“They have a lot of time to do exercises. They are models and not really actors; I am not joking. A busy actor would only think of his health and do the normal exercise to keep fit. What am I using a six-pack for? I want to dress and be seen as a role model.

“In the Yoruba-speaking movie setting, when you get to a particular age, you would not be given the role of a small boy so I do not need a six-pack. By the time you keep a six-pack, it gets to a point where it turns to a nonsense pack because they would not use it again. The only thing is to live a healthy life.

“When you see that you are getting obese, work on it. I used to be a model but I did not have a six-pack. I learnt taekwondo as well. I am not saying having a six-pack is bad or that it is bad to look nice. If I have to take a picture, I can easily tuck in my tummy.

“I started from the English-speaking genre and then came to the Yoruba-speaking part of the industry. I am more comfortable with the Yoruba-speaking sector of the industry because I learn a lot here. In the English-speaking sector, I do not learn anything,” he said.

On marital crisis and sad ends of celebrity marriages, the actor told Saturday beats that as a little child, he had vowed that he would never have a broken marriage.

“I decided when I was a child that I would not have a broken home because I grew up in one. I said that my children would grow up to see both their parents together till we die.

I thank God that we have never had any crisis that has shaken the foundation of our marriage.
“Women like to be seen like they own the house and I allow it because I know that I am the breadwinner of the family.

I do not lord it over my wife; she is my friend. If anything causes a rift between us, we do not sleep until we talk about it. Once we settle the rift, we settle it ‘properly’ as husband and wife and in the morning, everything is okay. She would smile before she leaves the house” Funsho Adeolu said.

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  1. Okay oooo that might be true though

  2. this is a good news

  3. That is right

  4. Busy doing what?

  5. Well that’s Truth somehow

  6. Lols. Dont actually believe that. I think is because most yoruba people have pot belly

  7. Lolz, he said the right words buh am not so really sure that yoruba men don’t need 6packs just because you don’t. I will be watching AM yoruba to confirm your claim

  8. Please it has nothing to do with always busy, you people just have bad habit in eating

  9. Abeg who six packs help? The cash is more important jare, so if your being too busy is bringing in the cash..please remain busy, women will not eat six packs

  10. Sir you have a point but actors worked for six-pack if the role they’ll be playing mostly demands it

  11. You all said it all

  12. What does six packs has to do with acting, in has much as its not in line ehit the movie I see no need for it ooo

  13. He said the right words and we need to understand ourself

  14. Six pack keee….. Abeg who six packs help? The cash is more important jare, so if your being too busy is bringing in the cash..please remain busy, women will not eat six packs

  15. This is nonsense,is it because he doesn’t have

  16. You said it all

  17. This is funny o… being busy is a more reason to have six packs but what are they busy doing

  18. Thats Quite Funny but its true

  19. That is serious

  20. He I’d right

  21. It’s a matter of choice,six pack is not for everybody.

  22. I don’t believe this.they find it hard to have it because they don’t exercise themselves

  23. I disagree with you, I know some that has 6packs

  24. Okay oooo that might be true though

  25. 6 cars over six packs anytime anyday

  26. They are busy doing what… Having six packs is a choice.. What’s your point sir?

  27. It really do amuse me when I hear people talking about this six pack of a thing well basically I am nat moved by that sha

  28. It’s an individual choice

  29. Having six-packs have nothing to do with how busy one is. If you want it youyou go for it.

  30. Busy ko, busy ni. Excuses

  31. Are you for real?

  32. There are some people that even if they walkout 247 nothing will still show. Leave six packs for those that wants it

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