“You Can Not Listen To This Song And Remain The Same”

The Easiest Way To Become a Strong Christian is by listening to the right things.Ephesians 6:10&11. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the LORD, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the.” Strong Christians are those that are strong in the LORD by having unflinching/unwavering/unstoppable Faith in our CREATOR. How can we become strong in the LORD? The easiest way to become strong in the LORD is by making sincere effort to fill our minds with HIS Words and things that irreversibly solidifies/concertize our Faith in HIM. You cannot unsee what you’ve seen and you cannot unhear what you’ve heard. That’s why the devil is speaking through those that submitted to him to produce “extraordinarily sweet” music to capture so many Souls. ALMIGHTY GOD too is seeking sold into Christ People that would use for HIS Work of Salvation so that HE can speak/sing unprecedented mysteries through them to reverse what Satan has done and restores his Creatures back to HIMSELF. The writer of the following Song has obviously lost himself into JESUS Christ and permanent Holiness. The Youtube comments below the Video shows that it is massively converting Satanists, Atheists, Muslims, Pagans to Christianity and helping Christians to become permanently Holy. When HOLY SPIRIT Speaks through you, the whole Humanity knows it. Most people that hear it, download the audio and put it on repeat. The World needs more of this type of the unprecedented Revelations that came out in this Song. Yours may be through your career, movie, dressing, actions, profession, etc. Please let HIM use you too. Despite still having 99 sheep, HE’s the One who cares so much never to leave the lost 1 behind.God of creationThere at the startBefore the beginning of timeWith no point of referenceYou spoke to the darkAnd fleshed out the wonder of lightAnd as You speakA hundred billion galaxies are bornIn the vapor of Your breath the planets formIf the stars were made to worship so will II can see Your heart in everything You’ve madeEvery burning starA signal fire of graceIf creation sings Your praises so will IGod of Your promiseYou don’t speak in vainNo syllable empty or voidFor once You have spokenAll nature and scienceFollow the sound of Your voiceAnd as You speakA hundred billion creatures catch Your breathEvolving in pursuit of what You saidIf it all reveals Your nature so will II can see Your heart in everything You sayEvery painted skyA canvas of Your graceIf creation still obeys You so will ISo will ISo will IIf the stars were made to worship so will IIf the mountains bow in reverence so will IIf the oceans roar Your greatness so will IFor if everything exists to lift You high so will IIf the wind goes where You send it so will IIf the rocks cry out in silence so will IIf the sum of all our praises still falls shyThen we’ll sing again a hundred billion timesGod of salvationYou chased down my heartThrough all of my failure and prideOn a hill You createdThe light of the worldAbandoned in darkness to dieAnd as You speakA hundred billion failures disappearWhere You lost Your life so I could find it hereIf You left the grave behind You so will II can see Your heart in everything You’ve doneEvery part designed in a work of art called loveIf You gladly chose surrender so will II can see Your heartEight billion different waysEvery precious oneA child You died to saveIf You gave Your life to love them so will ILike You would again a hundred billion timesBut what measure could amount to Your desireYou’re the One who never leaves the one behindhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfVd5x9W1XcAfter deeply listening to the song, let’s know what you think. Also, share other songs and material like this on this thread for us all to benefit too.