Young man killed by mob after he and his accomplice were allegedly caught stealing iPhone 6 and laptop (graphic video/photos)

Two young men suspected of robbery were nabbed and one was killed by an angry mob in Benin, Edo state.The young men are alleged to have been terrorizing the Sakponba neighbourhood by snatching people’s phones at night and collecting money belonging to market women.They allegedly went to steal a laptop and an iPhone 6 on the night of Sunday, October 4, 2018, and were caught on Monday morning around Upper Sakponba road.  Angry residents decided to deliver jungle justice rather than take the suspects to the authorities. They beat up the suspects so badly that one of them died before police arrived.The other was rescued by the police.  In a graphic video shared online, one of the onlookers can be heard saying to the dead suspect: “See wetin you use your life cause?”  Sharing video and photos of the incident to Facebook, Osas Alibaba Iyeke wrote:today was amazing two boys was caught in upper sakponba road Benin city beninthey have been terrorizing everywhere collecting money from market women and snatching phone every night yesterday night they went to steal iphone 6 and laptop they were caught this morning one of them was there before the police arrived    The post Young man killed by mob after he and his accomplice were allegedly caught stealing iPhone 6 and laptop (graphic video/photos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Chai.. What a pity

  2. That’s very nad

  3. It’s really sad. But I wish they would stop killing them

  4. I don’t really like jungle justice… Our politicians are there stealing millions nobody is there to do jungle justice to them

  5. Bt dey shouldn’t hv done dat 2 dem

  6. People should avoid jungle justice

  7. He reap what he sow, but that shouldn’t be the next judgement

  8. Thief no good

  9. It’s better like that

  10. These people are heartless…how can they kill a fellow human being…oh no I can’t deal… No matter what they must have stolen…

  11. The sins men commit live with them,who knows how long they have been going scourge free with it

  12. Why steal an iPhone 6 not even the latest . RIP to him

  13. Stealing shouldn’t be their last option

  14. Thank God they where caught

  15. Oh God, but jungle justice? Pls stop

  16. Though they stole but this jungle justice is highly prohibited. They shouldn’t have killed him.

  17. This killings and jungle justice has to stop.thisbis too band.

  18. God have mercy on us

  19. They would have been hannded over to the police,not killing them

  20. May his soul rest in peace

  21. thats their own cup of tea. wel deserved to be killed

  22. This jungle justice is not good at all, please avoid it.

  23. eyah what a pity

  24. Chai what a pity,,but killing should not be involved

  25. Jungle justice should be avoided . It’s a crime under the law

  26. That serves them right

  27. Pls ooo.they should stop Stealing

  28. In ur next world, u will never be a criminal. Rip

  29. Jungle justice is what sort Nigeria criminal

  30. this is not fair its so sad they have no heart

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