Adorrree Roblox kidnapped: Who is Adorrree on Roblox Tiktok?

Adorrree Roblox kidnapped: Adorrree on Roblox is a user also named Adorrree on Tiktok.

She made comments on social media that being racist is fine and that black people and hispanics should be locked up.

Adorrree Roblox kidnapped update: Adorrree on Roblox

Address, age, personal info and more allegedly belonging to Adorrree got  exposed to the world on social media along with rumors that Adorrree has been kidnapped. 

However, Adorrree Roblox has shared a post on Tik Tok saying she was never kidnapped, the released IP and address released claiming two ne hers are false and that she is 13 years old and not 9 years as speculated.

There are also stories that the innocent girl who lived at the wrong address given for Adorrreee has been harmed.

Read below:

#BlackTwitter This video was posted by adorrree. If you didn’t know she was making racist comments on Roblox, talking about blacks and Mexicans.

So now an innocent girl got kidnapped (not adore) due to people giving out the wrong address, rest in peace Joyce🕊.

Omg this Roblox acc “Adorrree” just have away a random address (I think that’s what they said) and got a girl kidnapped and chopped up. I’m honestly so like confused why and just sad for the innocent girl.

I think her account is banned? But there’s a game about her.

Okay I don’t understand what happened with Joyce but I’m hearing so many stories right now, people are saying shes dead and that she survived but if I get any news I will share.❤️

Adorrree Roblox drama:

Roblox user Adorrree had sparked outrage on Tiktok days ago when she made statements against Blacks and Mexicans. Read the tweets below:

#BlackTwitter okay so these 2 roblox users have been being racist on roblox games talking shit about Mexicans and Blacks. Their Tik Tok is @ fakelovee (DreaminqHanna) and @ adorrree (adorrree).

so there’s this thing about this Adorrree girl going on in the roblox community and the other day i went on ragdoll and i don’t know what their problem is. “blacks and mexicans should be locked in a cage”. What the fuck, did your parents not teach you respect? i’m done

Ok so this is some hot tea,

There is this user on Roblox who is named ‘Adorrree’.

She has been saying that being racist is fine and saying that black people and hispanics should be locked up!

Her new user is 32xlieez, please ban her!
She’s also on tiktok, ‘adorrree’.

My multiracial daughter is telling me about anti-racist bullies that are telling a 10yo girl to kill herself because she made a racist comment and her profile says she supports Trump They doxed her and are harassing her connections in Roblox and Tiktok. Check in w/ ur kids.

My daughter is explaining to other kids that bullying is not okay and encouraging suicide is wrong and illegal. She’s worried about this child’s safety and that of her family. They created an entire Roblox game against this kid. Cancel Adoree. Wth.

ok, i’m not heavily involved with the roblox community, but the adorrree thing is OUTRAGEOUS. just because she did very ignorant things doesn’t give you the right to give out her potential address. and on top of that her moms credit card info?

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