Bishop Ford accident involving jackknifed semitrailer today: Updates

Bishop Ford accident involving jackknifed semitrailer today: Here are updates from the crash – Traffic is a nightmare in both directions of the Bishop Ford near 115th due to a crash involving a semitrailer

Bishop Ford accident updates: Crash involving jackknifed semitrailer

Chicago: All lanes of the inbound Bishop Ford are blocked at about 119th Street because of a crash.

Drivers should avoid the inbound Bishop Ford as Illinois State Police investigate a serious crash involving a semitrailer near 119th Street, police said.

Avoid the BishopFord any way you can. A serious Bishop Ford accident on the IB side before 115th involving a jack-knifed truck blocks ALL IB lanes and 2 OB lanes as well. As we can see from  @waze, Traffic is barely moving as a a result.

Anyone driving from Northwest Indiana into Chicago should avoid the Bishop Ford at all costs, with all inbound lanes blocked, police said.

Alternatives are the Toll Road or the Chicago Skyway.

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