Cedar Lake Speedway death, accident: Cedar Lake Speedway tragedy

Cedar Lake Speedway death, accident: A track worker at Cedar Lake Speedway died May 15, 2020 after a bus accident, according to reports online.

Cedar Lake Speedway death_ Accident at Cedar Lake Speedway

At the time of this report, an official statement on what happened at Cedar Lake Speedway is yet to be released.

This is a developing story.

According to unconfirmed online reports however, tragedy struck after a bus rolled and safety workers attempted to hook chains to the bus to roll it back over, the chain became dislodged and the bus was dropped on the worker.

A medical helicopter was called into the track.

Cedar Lake Speedway death: Accident at Cedar Lake Speedway

Cedar Lake Speedway is a 3/8 mile dirt clay oval race track located near New Richmond, Wisconsin. Named after the nearby Cedar Lake.

It hosts a weekly NASCAR racing program consisting of Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks,and Midwest Modifieds.

It also hosts multi day events such as “The Masters”,” “The USA Nationals,” “The Legendary 100,” and the “Triple Crown.”

There is an Indoor Motocross facility and 1/5 mile dirt oval, Cedar Lake Arena, located directly behind the track.

Read below tributes on social media  about the Cedar Lake Speedway death tonight:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at the Cedar Lake Speedway tonight as they lost one of their own in a tragic accident.

The racing family is a strong one, please keep the victims family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers to all the Cedar Lake Speedway workers and families, and to the the the family of the crew official that lost his life in a tragic accident. My heart is with you during this difficult time.

My prayers are out to the Track Worker, whom was involved in an accident at Cedar Lake Speedway tonight. Please pray for their family and friends, and everyone at the speedway tonight.

Please say a prayer for the deceased’s family and loved ones.

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