Chynna Toilolo missing update: What happened to Chynna Toilolo?

Chynna Toilolo missing: Family and loved ones are asking the public’s help to find their daughter Chynna Toilolo missing from Ogden, Utah May 9th, 2020. 

Chynna Toilolo missing: Chynna Toilolo last seen with Andy Dennis

Chynna was last seen 9th May 2020. last heard from 10th May 2020 when she texted her mum that she was on her way home.

Andy Dennis, from North Ogden Utah, is reported to be the last person to see her.

According to Chynna ex boyfriend, Chynna Toilolo was at his house and left in an UBER. No one has seen her or heard from her since then.

Chynna Toilolo missing: Chynna Toilolo last seen with Andy Dennis – what happened?

Read below the pleas for help from missing Chynna Toilolo’s desperate family:

This is my niece Lopine “Chynna” Toilolo….. She hasn’t been seen or heard from her family since Saturday May 9th…

It’s NOT like her to do that… She’s our social media queen and even missed our virtual family gathering on Mother’s Day.. NOT like her as she is literally the creator of it.

Her ex boyfriend told the police she was at his house and left in an UBER… That hasn’t been validated…..

The Police told her parents they can’t open an official “missing persons” case YET cause blah, blah, blah…..

We JUST KNOW it’s out of character….. Last seen in Ogden, Utah…. We just want her home ❤️

❌❌Please let us know if you’ve been with this individual the last couple of days. He’s the last to see my niece. HELP US BRING OUR GIRL HOME! His name is ANDY DENNIS from North Ogden Utah.

Today, we start our search for you. 🥺 Being a positive person through circumstances is easy for me, but this hits different.

I love you, sis Chynna. ♥️

I am still trying to wrap my head around this whole situation. I am not sure what to think, I’m lost, confused, sad , mad and everything in between. The info that we have gathered doesn’t make sense. This is not like my sister to do these kinds of things. I will do anything to find you Chynna! What ever it takes!

Pls if you are reading this and you know something about where she is. Pls come forward.

My cousin was last seen in the North Ogden area around 4-4:30am Sunday morning after calling an Uber to bring her home. We haven’t heard from her since. If you know Chynna, you know that she ALWAYS has her phone on her. The fact that she didn’t even call her mom to wish her a “happy Mother’s Day” is not like her.

Please share & help us bring my sister home. 😭 My heart hasn’t been the same since yesterday.

I love you, sis. ♥️

If you have any information, please help bring Chynna home.

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