Don Campbellock cause of death – dead, obituary: Don Campbell death

Don Campbellock cause of death – dead, obituary, funeral: Beloved dancer Don Campbell death happened March 31, 2020 at the age of 69.

Don Campbellock death, obituary: Don Campbellock cause of death

Born January 7, 1951 in Saint Louis, Missouri, Don Campbellock Campbell was an American dancer and choreographer best known for having invented the “locking” dance, and for his work with the Lockers .

Campbell discovered dance while studying commercial art at Los Angeles Trade–Technical College.

Dancer Don Campbell death was announced in a tribute by the Beatbox Lifestyle that read:

Don “Campbellock” Campbell Tribute

Today the Dance Community mourns the death of a legend. He created Locking, a dance that is now under the umbrella of Hip-Hop Dance. He spread the rare message of honest self expression in the absence of external approval.

He was an extraordinary individual with an extraordinary message and the joy he felt when being himself is what we take with us when we move. Anger will never move us as gracefully as Self-Love.

Thank you Don Campbell.

R.I.P. Don Campbell

Your life and legacy has seeds in the foundation of Beatbox Lifestyle. Not only because you were a fighter yourself, but you encouraged a new generation to see ourselves as capable, creative and worthy, no matter how much or how little others accepted us. You encouraged us to dig deeper in expressing ourselves without fear. We hope that in all the competitions that locking has sparked, that your message is truly being heard. We will continue to spread it. Thank you Don Campbell.

The BeatBox Lifestyle Family.
#Locking #Boxing #restinpeace #RIP #DonCampbell #cambellock #creatorofLocking

Don Campbellock death, obituary, funeral, cause of death: Don Campbell death

Our deepest condolences and sympathy to his grieving family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time.

At this time, details about how Don Campbellock death happened are not public.

His funeral plans are yet to be announced by family. We will share updates as we learn more.

In 1971, Campbell joined the cast of Soul Train once the program arrived in Los Angeles. He was a featured dancer until 1973, when he was removed from the program for requesting that performers be paid.

He then recruited other dancers who had been removed for the same reason, and with them founded the Lockers.

Don recorded a song appropriately titled, “The Campbellock”, to go with his new high-flying, groundbreaking new dance, in March 1972 Stanson Records released his single “the Campbellock”.

Don also established his own dance ensemble, “The Campbellock Dancers”. The name was later changed to “The Lockers”.

Please say a prayer for his family as you read the tributes below:

Remembering another legend that has fallen asleep in death Don Campbell! He was from St. Louis, MO. a Midwestern native before he moved to California, that pioneered and introduced to the world the style of Locking!

He was also an original Soul Train dancer and founder of The Lockers. What a wonderful life of dancing 1951-2020.

Just seems to be an endless parade of deaths 😞😢

#RIP Don “Campbellock” Campbell

Another mentor and extraordinary human being has passed on.

We pray that he gave his life back to the Creator and that his soul rest in heaven 🕊️

Thank you Sensei Don C! You were a great innovator. You were giving to all and your humility, was overwhelmingly honorable.

The moments you allowed me into your circle of trust and shared nuggets of history, will live on in my life.

My condolences to your family and to the entire dance community!

Gutted to hear about the death of one of my dance inspirations Don Campbell. RIP brother and thank you for being such an icon & legend:

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