Griffin Hillbo accident, obituary: How did Sgt Griffin Hillbo die?

Griffin Hillbo accident, death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Beloved Sgt Griffin Hillbo passed away 1st April, 2020. He leaves behind his small baby and family.

Griffin Hillbo accident, obituary: How Griffin Hillbo death happened

Griffin was a police officer and Sergeant with Minneapolis Police. He leaves behind a family and small child.

Griffin Hillbo accident, obituary, death – dead, funeral plans:

MN 3Gun Group announced Griffin Hillbo death in a statement that read:

It is with heavy hearts that we report that our good friend, colleague, instructor, and fellow shooter Griffin Hillbo has passed.

Griffin had served as a Minneapolis Police SWAT Sniper and SWAT Medic, and was the Minneapolis Police Medical Training Coordinator until his medical condition prevented him from going to work.

He was a USPSA and 3-Gun shooter for some time, and he was the medic who instructed the MN 3Gun Group’s Stop The Bleed Course last year. More importantly, he was a proud man and father.

Thank you to all who supported Griffin through the rifle raffle and the Go Fund Me page. Your generosity was a great help to him and his family, and is greatly appreciated.

The GoFundme page in Griffin Hillbo’s memory reads:

On 4/1/2020, we lost a brother.

Griff impacted so many lives. He advocated and pushed people to go out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves both mentally and physically- and to never give up. Griff never gave up. HE WAS A FIGHTER. His mentality touched more people’s lives than he’ll ever know.

The way he carried himself through his whole battle, giving a smile verses a frown, saying “he’s doing crappy, but how are you- tell me about you….” shows the character and the pride he had, never willing to give in or give up. It takes a special kind of strong to be the man Griff was.

His generosity and selfless nature saved a lot of people from a lot of pain, whether it was self induced or not (you all know what I mean, myself more than once). No matter your rank or your position in the world- he treated everyone with compassion. He packed his squad like he was going to war. I truly believe he had so many packs because he wanted to save every cop he could. He relentlessly prepared for the worst, so not one single person had to suffer. We’d call upon Griff and he was there. No one compares.

The battle isn’t over. The battle continues for Mari and for Ethan. They deserve even more love and support at this time. That vibrant, handsome, Ethan deserves to be able to look back and see how amazing his Daddy really was. By your donations, some day, Ethan will have a solid understanding of how many people pulled together, even for a second or third time, and showed love towards his Dad.

Please, if you can, continue to donate, continue to share, we all know the road isn’t over yet.


Griffin Hillbo accident, obituary, death – dead, funeral plans

Please say a prayer for his family as you read the tributes below:

On 4/1/2020, we lost a brother.

Please take a moment to honor him. 💙

He is loved and will be missed by many!

Griffin Hillbo was a police officer and Sergeant with Minneapolis Police.

He leaves behind a family and small child. Please donate if you can and show his family the support he always showed all of us.

Please share this post!

Thank you!

Today we take a step back from the crazy world we are enduring to remember a friend, father, and husband. Griffin Hillbo was a police officer and Sergeant with Minneapolis Police, as well as a paramedic and casual educator with our EMS & Critical Care Education/TEMPO division. Griff was a friend to many, a loving husband to a former HEMS paramedic, and caring father to their young son.

Our condolences to his friends and family, both at Hennepin EMS, Minneapolis Police, and abroad. Griff, you taught us what it really meant to stay strong and keep fighting, you’ll be missed.

Rest easy Griffin Hillbo such a good dude! GOD always takes the good ones man! Your In my prayers along with your family

See Griffin Hillbo GoFundMe page HERE. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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