Is Joe Arpaio dead? America’s Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio NOT dead

Is Joe Arpaio dead? America’s Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio is NOT dead.

The 87 year old became the victim of a death hoax today after a story went viral on social media under the headline ‘Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sheriff, Dead at 89.’

Joe Arpaio dead - death hoax: Joe Arpaio is NOT dead

The hoax claims Joe Arpaio died after he reportedly collapsed when he tried to chase a brown person out of his neighborhood in the Maryvale district of Phoenix.

Please disregard the hoax as Joe Arpaio did NOT pass away.

Joseph Michael Arpaio (born June 14, 1932) is an American former law enforcement officer and politician.

He served as the 36th Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years, from 1993 to 2017, losing reelection to Democrat Paul Penzone in 2016.

Starting in 2005, Arpaio took an outspoken stance against illegal immigration, styling himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”.

In 2010, he became a flashpoint for opposition to Arizona’s SB1070 anti-illegal immigrant law, which was largely struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Arpaio is also known for investigating former U.S. President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and, as of 2018, he continued to claim without evidence that it was forged.

Joe Arpaio is not dead. He is alive, hale and hearty.

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