Is Joey Greco dead: Why Joey Greco got stabbed on Cheaters

Is Joey Greco dead: VH1 just aired the episode of Cheaters that had Joey Greco stabbed.

Joey Greco dead?: Why Joey Greco stabbed on Cheaters

Incident happened in early 2003 as the cameras were rolling during an episode. Cheaters host Joe Greco got stabbed by a man and the crew immediately helped him and took him in to receive medical aid.

Joey Greco is not dead. Here’s why Joey Greco got stabbed on Cheaters

Joey Greco stabbing happened after he and his Cheaters crew boarded a man’s boat and got into a verbal argument with him. The man was accused of cheating on his girlfriend.

He asked Joey and his crew to leave his boat. Suddenly, there was a scuffle, and the man reportedly stabbed Greco.

After Joey got hurt, the man was quickly subdued and held by the members of the Cheaters crew, and Greco was taken by boat to the shore to receive urgent medical care.

The episode got plenty of attention after a disturbing rumor surfaced that the entire incident was staged.

Inside Edition had interviewed the man’s female companion on November 3, 2009. She was present on the boat when this alleged stabbing took place.

And during the interview, the girlfriend said that the entire incident was staged.

Greco refused to speak to the media about it when he was approached by the program’s investigative reporter. According to him, he couldn’t legally comment on the accusation that the incident and his stabbing was all staged.

John Ellison, a member of the Rowlett Police Department, appeared on the Inside Edition program and stated, “There were no arrests at all during that time period for that type of crime.”

In 2005, Greco, Cheaters director Hunter Carson, and two security guards were indicted for assault. But they were later acquitted by a grand jury in connection with the alleged “confrontations” on the program.

There have been some rumors spread recently that Cheaters was in fact “cheating” itself. I want to assure everyone that Cheaters is a show dedicated to bringing “actual stories, filmed live,” as is stated in the opening message of the show. I believe the honest and natural reactions the show’s guests demonstrate the authenticity of our claim. I hope that you will continue to watch Cheaters. Cheers! Joey

Since the stabbing, Joey Greco has often been referred to as “the guy from Cheaters who got stabbed on camera” at several public events.

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