Is Oliver Tree dead?: Oliver Tree death – here’s what happened

Oliver Tree death – dead, obituary: A post on Oliver Tree’s verified Instagram page claimed he passed away 25th March 2020, sparking fear and confusion about whether he was truly dead or not.

Oliver Tree is not dead. In fact he posted on his social media pages a day after the said 25th March that his debut album ‘Ugly is Beautiful’ is officially cancelled due to Covid19.

It breaks my heart to say this but with the state of the world shutting down, I am unable to release this album at anytime in the foreseeable future.

Oliver Tree death – dead, obituary: Is Oliver Tree dead?

No, Oliver is alive, hale and hearty.

See below his latest posts on social media along with responses from fans to his death hoax.

This has his humour all over it. I can tell this isn’t serious. But tbh I’m actually loving this marketing it’s falling everyone including me because I still can’t tell if it’s serious 😅. But if it is maybe he’ll just be him and get rid of his persona. I’m all for with what ever he choses to do going forward.


It amazes me how people take him so seriously 😂 He’s a massive trickster creating a new persona. It’s going to be awesome 🙂 wait and see.


Why do the dates flash in the video at the beginning and change numbers multiple times I bet it’s code for when he’ll actually release the album


He called it a project. Maybe he just wants to step away from the meme persona and move on to another music endeavor. I’ll listen to his work in any form.


He’s going to be reborn as a different genre of music and style I swear by it


I’m glad I had the honor to see Oliver Tree 3 times last year sucks the last 2 times he was in a wheelchair but still put on a hell of a show


Okey, dude please be more serious 😂❤️I am so confused, either way can’t wait to hear ugly is beautiful, love u❤️

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