Kristen Morgan missing update: Kristen Morgan Tiktok – what happened?

Kristen Morgan missing update: Kristen Morgan Tiktok star hasn’t been seen on social media two days after she posted a video saying she and a friend went to pick up quail eggs in some scary place.

Kristen Morgan missing Tiktok: Kristen Morgan Tiktok update

Fans are worried 17 year old Tiktok star Kristen is missing after she posted a video where she said her friend was picking up some quail eggs in a weird place and in two days after that, she has not updated any of her media.

In the video, Kristen says she had to record the video incase something bad happens

There are reports from some people who are saying Kristen Morgan missing could have been done for attention but who knows.

Also on her Instagram page, there is no new post from since two days ago.

Kristen Morgan is a tiktok star and internet celebrity who is known for her tiktok and youtube videos. Kristen Morgan was born on October 11, 2002 in Florida, United States.

We are hoping she is safe.

See Kristen Morgan missing TikTok video HERE.

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