Leticia Miller was never found dead: Who is Letecia Miller?

Leticia Miller found dead – death, obituary – what really happened? There are UNTRUE reports on social media about Selena Quintanilla look-alike Letecia Miller being found dead among garbage bags in Los Angeles because of her ex-boyfriend.

According to an update we just received:

Yes it is true, a girl who auditioned for the role of Selena was killed. But her name was Gloria de la Cruz, and NOT Leticia Miller, who was a Mariachi singer from Los Angeles.

Gloria de la Cruz was kidnapped, robbed, and killed by a potential ex, and her body was left in a trash can and burned. Articles about Gloria de la Cruz death can be found online.

The man who killed her was arrested and found guilty of the crime. The role was never given.

Gloria de la Cruz found dead – Who is Leticia Miller?

Selena Quintanilla death happened March of 1995, and in March 21, 1997, four days shy of the two year anniversary of her death, the movie was released.

The two finalists for the role of Selena were Jennifer Lopez and another woman named Danielle Camastra. Danielle looked a lot like Selena and was cast for the audition by Selena’s father.

However, Jennifer Lopez got the role.

There was a girl named Leticia Miller, but she was an actress from Monterrey who also auditioned for the role and looked like Selena and she is the one people have confused.


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