Marti Schimmel Athens GA death – dead by suicide – what happened

Marti Schimmel Athens GA death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Beloved Marti Schimmel died by suicide April 2nd, 2020.

Marti Schimmel cause of death was confirmed as suicide in tribute by loved ones on Facebook that read:

In the midst of all this, I received sad, sad news, today. I lost my college roomie, best friend, and soul sister forever, Marti Schimmel to suicide.

Marti, you were a beautiful human. You were kind and generous. You were talented and accomplished so much.

I was proud of you, always boasting of your culinary skills and the amazing, award winning restaurant, you created. You made me want to be a better friend and a better person by example.

We went through so many of life’s highs and lows together over our lifetime of friendship. You had always risen and over came so much. You were an inspiration. Struggle had made you strong and grateful.

You always spread a message of hope to others, a shining light to all, who met you. You will always be in my heart. I love you, Sister.

I’m so sad. Darling, dearest, beautiful, and most cherished Marti…oh, how can we all face this gorgeous, lonely, strange, and distant spring without you in it? You were a light for us in dark places, and sent everyone who knew you back out into the world shining brighter, well-fed with your large love.

It was a bounty.

Rest peacefully, my friend. Athens will never stop missing you

Marti Schimmel Athens GA death – dead, obituary, suicide, funeral plans:

Our deepest condolences and sympathy to her grieving family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time. Her funeral plans are yet to be announced by her family. We will share updates as we learn more.

Please say a prayer for his grieving loved ones and family as you read the tributes below:

We lost a bright light in this world today
Rest In Peace Marti Schimmel
You were loved and made this world a better place !
So glad to call you my friend ❤️

May 2017. I love you, dear and kind Marti Schimmel.

The news today about the loss of my old friend Marti Schimmel has totally gutted me. At a time that we are all struggling with stress about our families, our jobs, our finances, our health, this loss is even more heartbreaking since we can’t even gather to hug and hold and cry together.

I hope that Marti knew, and I hope that those closest to her know how much she was loved and admired. I hope they know what a hero she was for so many reasons. She struggled like so many do, but she kept picking herself back up, and I will always admire her determination and resilience.

In the face of it all, Marti was unfailingly kind and generous. May she finally rest in peace. For those who are especially struggling at this time, please reach out to a friend.

Heartbroken. 💔
Lost one of my favorite people on the planet today. Not to the virus, but I think that makes this even more painful. Rest In Peace, my dear friend, Marti Schimmel 😢🙏🏼✨

Marti Schimmel Athens GA obituary

I’ve cried so much I can’t take it anymore. Now I want to get into action. If you can, I want to do something to pour out the love for Marti Schimmel tomorrow. Her FB page is flooded with people who have beautiful stories about her and are crushed by the loss of her life. I had the idea to leave flowers picked or something from your yard at Marti’s at Midday. Anywhere—out front on Prince, on a table on the deck. She loved plants and flowers and had a crazy green thumb and would have loved something like this. I’d love for this be like a floral mob while maintaining 6’ distance if you show up and others are doing same! Pass this on!

So sad to hear about Marti Schimmel. I will definitely keep her family in my prayers. Marti you will be missed. RIP

Y’all, I am broken-hearted! RIP Marti Schimmel. You are gone way too soon. 🥺

Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity… Marti Schimmel rest in peace, prayers and love for everyone that loved you❤❤😔😔

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