Matthew Bryan Lockup Raw death – dead, obituary: Matthew Bryan death

Matthew Bryan Lockup Raw death – dead, obituary, funeral: Inmate Matthew Bryan death happened February 24, 2016 after he got released.

Matthew Bryan Lockup death - dead, obituary: Matthew Bryan Lockup Raw

His story was featured on MSNBC Lockup Raw, a show that takes viewers inside some of America’s most notorious jails and prisons.

Inmate Matthew Bryan Lockup Raw extensively detailed his second-degree manslaughter charge to the Lockup producers. He was in jail when his youngest son was born. And the prospect of missing out on his son’s childhood brought him to tears.

Matthew Bryan told Lockup producers:

“It was probably one of the most emotional things I’ve had to go through.”

Matthew Bryan Lockup Raw death – dead, obituary, funeral: Matthew Bryan death Fairfax

Details about how Matthew Bryan death happened after his appearance on Lockup Raw are not public. An unconfirmed report online claims Matthew Bryan died after a heroin OD.

Matthew was born on January 31, 1990 and passed away on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. He was a resident of Leesburg, Virginia.

Matthew Bryan story was featured on this Lockup Raw episode:

Some tributes online in his honour read:

I just watched the episode of Lockup featuring Mathew. I really related to his story. As the episode progressed I had increasing hopes for a positive outcome.

When I saw the update that he got his sentenced suspended and got out after a year or less I was still happy for him to begin healing with with children and mother. Id do anything for a mother like that, and I knew he knew how much she loved him.

He had internal battles going on that he needed help for. He was taken way too young and was just a little kid. I feel intense pain for his mother and children.

Intense deep pain. I hope that can find peace and solace someday.

From Southern California I hope the best for your family. See you in the next life buddy.
– Chaz Faucher

I saw your interview on Netflix and I was deeply saddened to hear of your passing. My heart goes out to your mum and children. RIP Matthew xx
– Scottish lassie

Watched him on lock up thought the kid was smart and caught a break so sad to hear of hiss passing our prayers go out to his mom and 2 children may the peace of Jesus bring comfort to you on the up coming anniversary god rest your soul Matthew heaven must have needed another angel
– Mike Boucher

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