Sabina Essa death, funeral: How did Sabina Essa death happen?

Sabina Essa death, funeral: Sabina Essa death happened suddenly and unexpectedly March 2020. She was daughter of Afzal & Maniza Essa and sister of Farhaz.

Her burial will take place at Laudium Cemetry.

Sabina Essa death - dead, obituary, funeral notice

Sabina Essa Funeral notice reads:

Janazah Salah and Burial of Late Sabina Ismael Essa ,(d/o Afzal & Maniza Essa, sister of Farhaz) will take place at Laudium Cemetry at 23h45 tonight. CMB.

1.Only immediate family members will be allowed at the Mayyit house and at the Cemetery due to the Government imposed regulations (50 people Maximum including Traffic Marshals and Burial Committee Members).

2. Please remember No Wudhu or Toilet facilities will be Accessible at the Cemetery.
3. SAPS will be informed in terms of the current Covid-19 requirements.
4. Maximum of 6 people per ghusl, 2 family members and 4 Burial Committee representatives.
5. No Catering equipment(Tables and chairs) will be delivered, except for blankets which will be provided.
6. Refrain from taking older people & people that are ill or have pre exsisting conditions as they are most susceptible to the virus.
7. Any person who passes away in the hospital, normal procedure for collection of the Mayyit will follow, however if a person passes away at home a doctor will need to be called to ascertain the reason and than only will the Burial Organization be able to Pick up the Mayyit.
8. If a person passes away & it is a Covid-19 case, the procedure will change, the mayyit will be collected from the hospital, the burial team will perform ghusl, the mayyit will not go to the Mayyit House after ghusl but will go straight to Cemetry for Janaazah Salaah & Burial, people will be limited to immediate family & burial organization, a maximum of 15 people.

Unfortunatly we find ourselves in this situation, However, if we all work together, In sha Allah, Allah will see us through these trying times.

Bear in Mind that Janaazah Salaah is Fardh Kifaya. If a few people of the community perform the task, the entire community is absolved of the responsibility as well as earn the Sawaab.

We trust that the community will adhere to these guidelines outlined above, and we urge everyone to make sincere dua that Allah Ta’aala protect us All. Ameen.

Jazakallah kahir for your understanding.

The Team of Central Muslim Burial(CMB).

Sabina Essa cause of death: Sabina Essa death, tributes

At this time, details about how Sabina Essa cause of death are not public.

She was an Attorney, Animal Rights Activist, Animal Rights Lawyer, Environmentalist, Traveller and Yoga Instructor.

Please say a prayer for her grieving family and loved ones as you read the tributes below:

My heart is shattered. I am at a loss for words. How do I put my pain into words after all these years of friendship?


I am at a loss for words.
May you rest in peace Sabina Essa. Fly with the angels… fly.

This morning I woke up and you were dead. I don’t even know what happened as I spoke to you yesterday morning. I am so sad RIP Sabina Essa. Animals were your life and you would go out of your way to help. I will miss you foreve

Absolutely heartbreaking to learn of the passing of Sabina Essa – RIP Sabina and thank you for all you did to help the animals 💔

RIP Sabina Essa may you fly high with the angels. you will be sorely missed by all animals and animal activists.


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