Sagal Hussein Wisconsin news: Mother Sagal Hussein son dead – death

Sagal Hussein Wisconsin news: 25 year old mother Sagal Hussein on after she was arrested and charged with 4 counts of neglecting a child.

According to reports on social media from users who claim to know her, Sagal Abdirshid Hussein allegedly killed her son and had him hidden in her trunk.

She was arrested 30th March 2020 and charged with Neglecting a Child (F) – 4 counts.

Please say a prayer for the baby’s family and loved ones. Our deepest condolences and sympathy during this difficult time.

Sagal Hussein Wisconsin news: Sagal Hussein arrested after son death

Read below reactions from social media:

This stupid excuse of a female killed her son and had him hidden in her trunk 🤦‍♂️ crazy to even think I knew someone that would do something cruel like that and she from San jose smh

Horrible 💔 Seems like ever since the Gabriel Fernandez doc came out I’ve been seeing this more and more. It’s almost as if they do it for fame. Poor innocent baby 💔 she will get. sending prayers to the baby’s family 🙏🏽

Not one to be hateful or wish negativity on other people but this piece of s*** right here definitely deserves the worst of the worst. Nothing the court can do can bring Justice to what happened to a precious little boy . A precious little boy that God blessed her with and she tour his life away from him. I’m sorry to say but I hope you burn!!

This shit disgusted me to the core . I can’t imagine anyone doing this to their own child !!!!! How dare you, this makes me so mad how people are so ungreatful.

May the poor baby’s soul rest in perfect peace.

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