Caleb Meakins accident: See Caleb Meakins injuries from accident

Caleb Meakins accident: Ethiopian social entrepreneur Caleb Meakins is in a critical condition at Nordic hospital Addis Ababa.

Caleb Meakins accident update: Critical at Nordic hospital Addis Ababa

Caleb was due to catch a flight to London on the evening of 20th February 2020 when he got involved in a serious car accident.

See below list of injuries he suffered after Caleb Meakins accident:

  • He experienced a severe head injury but to what extent this has impacted his function is not known yet.
  • He has skull fractures on the left side and back of his head as well as one on his first cervical vertebrae (1st neck bone).
  • He has also had issues with his lungs, both of which have collapsed at different times.
  • After two surgeries, doctors were able to close up Caleb Meakins open skull fractures, remove a blood clot from the back of his head and insert two chest drains into his lungs.

According to the latest update from Dr Kjell at the Nordic hospital on 27th February, Caleb is still in a critical condition after the accident. His vital signs (heart, breathing and kidneys) are stable however the infection markers have been going up today.

Caleb Meakins has ventriculitis (infected fluid in the ventricles of his brain) and meningitis. The ventriculitis is extremely serious. Doctors are treating it with three lots of antibiotics. The Nordic hospital is the only facility in Addis which is able to treat ventriculitis.

An update from his GoFundMe page reads:

We now must wait for the next couple of days to see if the antibiotics can get on top of the infection and bring the infection markers down. There is one other type of antibiotics which can be used if these fail but it is extremely strong so they are holding out until it is necessary.

Caleb’s responsiveness is fairly low due to the infection. Please join us in prayer guys – the next 48 hours will be crucial.

Yesterday (Wednesday 26th February) afternoon Caleb deteriorated significantly and was in a very critical condition. It was clear that to give him a chance of survival we had to transfer him as soon as possible to the Nordic hospital where the facilities and expertise would be able to deal with his critical state.

The transfer went well. And after 2 hours there he is doing better. His consciousness has improved a little, his blood pressure has stabilised and the extra fluid in his ventricle has reduced. However, he is still very ill and is fighting an infection.

Although Caleb is in a critical state we are feeling a lot more hopeful. The care he is in now is exactly what he needs. As you can imagine yesterday was a pretty horrific day.

As all prudent doctors would do, we have been told to manage our expectations regarding a full recovery. But we believe in a miraculous God where all things are possible – so please continue joining us in prayer.

So many of you have reached out and asked if you can support Caleb financially and others have already given generously which has led us to set up this fundraising page. We plan for any funds raised to go towards medical bills, rehabilitation and flights to get him back to the UK as soon as he is stable and it is safe to do so.

For those that want to give locally in Ethiopia please contact Mercy at [email protected].

Thank you so much for those who have already given and are praying faithfully for Caleb. It really is overwhelming to know how many people are rallying around him. There is a large group of us permanently camped out in the hospital in Addis willing him on. Saturday felt like the church had relocated to the hospital cafeteria as we sang and prayed for Caleb.

We will be giving regular updates on this page with the latest on Caleb’s progress.

See Caleb MeakinsGoFundMe page HERE.

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