Peter Saide death: Actor Peter Saide cause of death – what happened

Peter Saide cause of death: Beloved Australian actor Peter Saide died February 2020 after a successful surgery that had left him in hospital for weeks.

Peter Saide death: Peter Saide cause of death, obituary

He was only 36 years old. Peter Saide death was announced in a statement by BariToned that read:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that BariToned must announce the unexpected and sudden passing of a true star, and true talent – Peter Saide. He shined his light with us for a short period of time, but his impact on our show and friendships is indelible.

There are no words for what we are all feeling. The loss of our brother will forever change us. RIP Peter Saide. 🔥🕺🏻

Another tribute from fellow actor Edward Miskie read:

“I am completely beside myself, and at a loss of understanding. I keep hoping I’ll wake up from this nightmare or someone will reveal that it’s an elaborate, cruel joke. I saw Peter on Monday – he was walking, and moving around, and so excited to be out of the woods from his surgery.

He had things on the horizon he was pumped about, and despite his slow pace, he was still sparking for life. Peter was a good man. He was truly great in everything – hard working, the best attitude, an embarrassment of riches of talent… I truly believed he was going to be a massive star.

The fact that he is gone now completely blows my mind and breaks my heart. There will never be anyone quite like Peter. God speed, brother.”

Peter Saide death: Peter Saide cause of death, obituary

Peter’s last post on social media about his health read:

I’m afraid to say that I’m usually as much of a killjoy about Valentine’s Day as I am about Christmas.
This year, however, I really need to tell you about the woman I love.

The last two weeks have been the hardest of my life so far. No hyperbole. More doctors and nurses and hospital rooms than you can count on all of your fingers and useless toes. The rest of that story is for later.

Shelby has been a pillar. She has become Gunnar’s caregiver, the disseminater of information to my group of closest friends here and to a very concerned family she has never met, on the other side of the planet. She has balanced her work with my endless logistics, literally accepted responsibility for my life and somehow managed a series of successful auditions in the meantime.

Somehow, with all of this on her plate, every time I open my eyes she’s there. Sitting quietly, smiling and holding my hand. She has never, for a moment, shown weakness or any sign of complaint. It’s one of the greatest acts of love I’ve received in my lifetime. I am completely humbled and unspeakably grateful.

I lay in awe of this beautiful, powerful, kind woman. And I want to celebrate her @skputlak on Valentine’s Day. I adore her.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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